‘Yellowstone’ TV: Rainwater’s Right-Hand Man, Mo, Is Out for Blood in Season 4 Trailer

by Thad Mitchell

On a show that stands out due to its colorful characters, Native American actor Mo Brings Plenty adds an element of authenticity to “Yellowstone.”

Mo Brings Plenty plays “Mo” on “Yellowstone. Mo is an adviser, enforcer, and driver for Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater. While he prefers peace, Mo is not someone you want to mess with. He’s proven himself a capable enforcer on more than one occasion.

Much like Rip Wheeler is to John Dutton, Mo is extremely loyal and protective of Rainwater. Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Mo Brings Plenty is a real-life cattle rancher who loves horses and the cowboy culture. He brings a very authentic character to the show because he has been there and done that in the world of cattle ranching.

In the recently released “Yellowstone” season four trailer, Mo makes a couple of appearances and seems to be doing what he does best. Some fans believe Mo will be out for blood in the upcoming new season. Take another look at the season four trailer and see how many you can spot Mo.

The first time we see Mo in the trailer, he appears to be at a casino of some sort. He also appears to be laying down the law on a fella who must have wronged him or the tribe in some way, because Mo doesn’t look happy. One “Yellowstone” YouTuber laid down a theory as to what Mo is exactly doing in the occasion situation.

“Here’s another thought. We see Mo slapping some dude in the casino,” the fan says. “That’s one of the mercs spending his money a little too conspicuously. That’s how they unwind the threads that lead back to Roarke and Willa.”

It’s certainly a theory that could potentially unfold in the upcoming new season. One thing is for certain and that is this poor guy at the occasion doesn’t want to see Mo anymore.

Later in the season four “Yellowstone” trailer, we see Mo removing a man from the back of a vehicle. The man has on handcuffs and a bag over his head. We don’t know exactly what Mo is doing in the scene but it appears someone is about to have a very bad day at his hands.

Many “Yellowstone” fans believe Mo will join forces with the Dutton clan and seek out revenge on whoever attacked them in the season three finale. Could he be delivering one of the ambushers to the Dutton Ranch and this scene? It certainly sounds plausible.

Judging by the trailer, it looks like fans are going to get their wish and see Mo Brings Plenty cracking some heads. We certainly love the sound of that.

“Yellowstone” will premiere its fourth and latest season on Sunday, November 7.