‘Yellowstone’ TV Throws It Back to Iconic Beth Dutton Moment with Roarke Morris

by Thad Mitchell

A brand new season of hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone is just around the corner and excitement is building among the fan base.

No official date has been set for the premiere of Yellowstone’s highly anticipated fourth season. Most speculators believe the show is aiming for a summer start for the new season, likely in June. If the fourth season follows in the footsteps of the previous three seasons, we could get new episodes starting on Father’s Day. Each of the previous three seasons has started up on Father’s Day weekend. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 20. If the pattern holds true then we have a wait of fewer than two months before our beloved Yellowstone returns to our televisions.

In the meantime, Yellowstone fans are tiding themselves over by re-watching previous episodes and scenes. The show’s social media pages are getting into the act as well. Yellowstone’s Instagram page recently reminded fans of a classic scene from the third season between Beth Dutton and Roarke Morris. Hilarity ensues when Beth catches Roarke fly fishing on the Dutton’s private property. The scene is the first to introduce Morris and provides a baseline for his conflict with the Dutton family. Beth is…well, very much the Beth Dutton that we all know and love in this scene.

“Beth is the queen of dishing out insults,” the Monday afternoon Instagram post proclaims. Several fans respond to the social media post by revealing their own favorite Beth Dutton insults.

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In the scene, Beth has just a flung an insult in Roarke’s direction that seems to fly right over his head. He tells Beth that he can’t be insulted by something he doesn’t seem to understand.

“It’s only an insult if I understand it,” he says.

In typical Beth Dutton fashion, she responds with yet another comical insult at Roarke’s expense. Climbing down to the creek where Roarke is casting his rod and reel, Beth tells him that he is incorrect in his assumption.

“Yeah, that’s not true,” she says climbing down the bank to the roaring water. “But that is another conversation for another time…that we will never have.”

Season four will have plenty of questions to answer with one of those being Beth’s status. After a bomb explodes in her office, she could be dead or alive heading into season four. What’s more, is that Roarke is considered a prime suspect behind the attack. Could this lead to a face-off between him and Rip Wheeler? Fans would pay a pretty penny to see that scenario play out.

With only weeks remaining until the season premiere, answers to our most urgent questions are coming soon.