‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tim McGraw Says Working on ‘1883’ Prequel Is a ‘Dream Job’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tim McGraw is known most for his singing, but he also acts, too. He believes his new gig on the Yellowstone prequel 1883 is a dream come true.

After all, what’s not to love? McGraw will have a huge role in the western playing James Dutton, a forefather of Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner, who is John Dutton. And McGraw’s wife, Faith Hill, will portray his wife on 1883. She’s Margaret Dutton.

“This is truly a dream job,” Tim McGraw said of his new gig on 1883. “Taylor (Sheridan) has found a way of storytelling that brilliantly creates these epic dramas and family sagas with so much depth and creativity.

“The Duttons are tremendous characters, and it’s so thrilling to be able to bring them to life. As a kid growing up riding horses, you think about dream jobs like this, and I am just so excited to work with this amazing cast and crew.”

Fans of Yellowstone Have Waited Months for 1883 News

As Yellowstone fans know, 1883 is the prequel to the series, which stars Costner as the patriarch of a family that lives in Montana and owns the largest ranch in the country. It’s a sweeping western drama, but very present day. Think of the 1883 prequel as the answer to the question — how did the Duttons find their way to Montana? It’s someone’s fictional genealogy project come-to-life. However, Taylor Sheridan is the guy who is imagining the Dutton family from almost 150 years ago.

The prequel 1883 has been in the works for months. Back in February, Sheridan announced his five-year deal with ViacomCBS and MTV Entertainment Group. Besides 1883, he’s creating several shows that will go straight to Paramount+, CBS’ revamped streaming service.

Paramount+ has an extensive library of movies and TV shows. It also has original programming like The Good Fight. In addition, CBS also started putting its network shows on the service. That’s where fans now can find Evil or SEAL Team. Each was on network television, but now has the freedom of streaming.

Sam Elliott also will be part of 1883. He plays an old cowboy named Shea Brennan. He guides a group of folks from Texas to Montana. They’re all trying to escape something. The Duttons are desperate to restart their lives and escape from poverty. Elliott has a sad past.

Although McGraw is most known for his music, he’s also carved out an acting career. His most well-known role probably was The Blind Side. But he also was in Friday Night Lights, the movie based on a true story that helped launch the TV show of the same name. And McGraw also starred in Country Strong and had roles in The Shack and Tomorrowland.

Faith Hill also has acted as a side job to her country superstardom. She was in The Stepford Wives and Dixieland.

Cast of The Blind Side (Photo by EUGENE MIM/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)