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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Top 10 Thomas Rainwater Quotes

by Jon D. B.
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It is a rare film or television show that represents Native Americans properly. Through the personal experiences of Yellowstone‘s creator, writer, and showrunner, Taylor Sheridan, however, television’s #1 cable drama is able to be that show. Through his own experiences with those he loves on U.S. Reservations, Sheridan is able to shed light on the struggle of indigenous peoples in America today.

One of the most powerful ways he does this is through the crafting of Thomas Rainwater alongside his phenomenal actor, Gil Birmingham. The patriarch of Broken Rock Indian Reservation, Thomas Rainwater is keen on reclaiming the Dutton Ranch in the name of his Native American ancestors. The land was, after all, occupied by his people first and foremost – a fact he makes sure John Dutton knows. And knows well.

As such: Powerful people make powerful enemies, and nothing makes for excellent dialogue like stirring rivalries. To this end, we’re reliving Thomas Rainwater’s top ten absolute best lines on Yellowstone so far.

Thomas Rainwater’s Top Ten Lines

“Our first fight is against being ignored.”

Thomas Rainwater on the fate of his Native American peoples.

“Senator, you’ve never driven the roads, and walked a trail, or skied a mountain in Montana that didn’t belong to my people first… This nation doesn’t want to give it back? So be it. We’ll buy it back. With their money.”

Thomas Rainwater

“All men are bad. But some of us try real hard to be good.”

Rainwater to Kayce Dutton

“I will erase you from the future.”

Rainwater to John Dutton

“I’m going to buy your ranch first – right after you die. And I’m going to pull down every fence, and any evidence that your family ever existed will be removed from the property – and it’ll look like it used to. When it was ours.

Rainwater to John Dutton

Rainwater: I’m here to talk cattle.

John Dutton: They don’t belong to you.

Rainwater: They don’t belong to you, either. They belong to the people now.

Thomas & John discuss Yellowstone’s bison

Your people’ don’t know the concept of victim.”

Rainwater to John Dutton

“It’s always the innocent who pay most dearly for the things we men do.”

Thomas Rainwater

Rainwater: She’s not evil, Mo. She’s just angry and trying to punish the world for everything it did to her.

Mo Brings Plenty: Yeah, I know. That’s what evil means.

Thomas & Mo discuss Angela Blue Thunder

Get to Know Rainwater & Actor Gil Birmingham

Curious about the amazing life of actor Gil Birmingham? Our comprehensive expose, ‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything to Know About ‘Thomas Rainwater’ Actor Gil Birmingham, is a great next stop.

Before you go, however, we’ve got one last quote from Rainwater: one that sums up everything he believes in – and wants for his people. Below it, you’ll find Paramount Network’s excellent package on Rainwater’s Season 1 journey, with even more insight from actor Gil Birmingham.

Thomas Rainwater: There’s two futures for this valley: One with the land stripped of the second homes and hobby farms, and returned to the way it used to be… You drive twenty miles into the park and that’s how our whole nation looked at one time. Modern society wants people to go to school and learn a trade to make money to buy food, clothes, a place to live. But on land that hasn’t been ravaged by man, you don’t need to buy food. You just go find it. You don’t buy clothes, you make them. And you don’t buy houses, you seek shelter. You live with the land. Not on it.

Doug: You said two futures. What’s the other?

Thomas Rainwater: The other’s where you live. Concrete world with stick houses and grass that can’t survive without fertilizer and sprinklers. You know someday this planet’s going to shake your world off it’s back like dirty water.

Actor Gil Birmingham discusses Thomas Rainwater’s journey on season one of Yellowstone.

Paramount Network

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