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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Top 10 Monica Dutton Quotes

by Kayla Zadel
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

The role of Monica Dutton in the modern western drama, “Yellowstone,” might seem like that of a mom and wife upon her initial introduction. She’s married to Kayce Dutton and mother to Tate.

However, the character that Kelsey Asbille takes on is so much more complex. Fans watch Monica Dutton navigate through different family dramas, overcome an injury and fight inner conflict.

Kelly Reilly, who plays the dynamic Beth Dutton, speaks about Monica’s character. “She brings such grace to the show that has so many hard edges.”

We’re reliving some best quotes from Monica Dutton as her character continues to unfold in the award-winning Paramount Network series.

Top Monica Dutton Quotes

10. “All I remember is that you weren’t wearing a lot.”

9. “Kayce, I go where you go!”

8. “Baby, nothing’s easy with you, and I’ve given up everything I’ve got.”

7. “Don’t stop lovin’ me to go kill something,” Monica Dutton tells her husband.

6. “I can’t think of a better medicine than the stars for a ceiling.”

5. “It’s what we meant when we said for better or for worse.”

4. “Can you tell me the definition of power, Trent? Hmm? It’s the ability to direct or influence another’s behavior or course of events. That’s what I have.”

3. “When the misery is bad enough, tomorrow is rarely factored into decisions.”

Monica’s Most Moving Quotes

In season 3, episode 6, Monica Dutton becomes deeply involved in searching for a missing indigenous woman. She feels a personal connection to this situation because of her heritage and also because of more recent matters. Monica wants to do more than just search for the missing girl. She wants to make sure that something like this never happens again.

“I’m not making it my fault, I’m making it my problem,” Monica tells Kayce that night after she finds out what happened to the girl.

The strong-willed character does just that. Monica teams up with Chief Rainwater and several others to devise a plan to catch the perpetrator. Monica Dutton seems to be mentally prepared for the scenario. However, after it plays out, she’s shaken by the events.

This leads to one of our final top quotes from the main character. “I killed a man today.” Monica becomes a true Dutton in this moment. She’s tired of sitting on the sidelines and sticks up for what she believes is right. Not only does she follow through with the action, but she assists in killing someone. Much like many of the Dutton ranch members know all too well.

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