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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Top Songs from the Season 2 Soundtrack

by Atlanta Northcutt
Paramount Network Press

Which songs moved viewers the most in Season 2 of Yellowstone? Did your favorites make the list?

With a talented cast and focus on authenticity, Yellowstone has led viewers on an emotional journey through the viewpoint of the Dutton family and their Montana ranch.

However, the TV show’s incredible story doesn’t stop there. The featured music explores a selection of genres including an array of country, rock, roots, and folk. The show shines a light on lesser-known, independent musicians rather than Top 40 Country artists many would expect. As a result, an authentic, raw, wild, and modern Western sound is added to the Paramount Network series.

“Nothing against pop, but we’re not interested. Our country is more red dirt and Americana. Good ol’ whiskey drinking or outlaw country,” says Yellowstone‘s music supervisor Andrea von Foerster said to Rolling Stone. “We seek artists who are under-represented. We go for the best fit. All of this breaks our musical constraints wide open.”

The importance of choosing which artists and music to use in order for a scene to be the most emotionally engaging is an art form in itself. Yellowstone‘s showrunner Taylor Sheridan has successfully chosen the music to best intertwine with each scene.

Artists include names like Chris Stapleton, Emmylou Harris, Tyler Childers, Blackberry Smoke, the Osborne Brothers, and more.

The Best Songs from Yellowstone’s Season 2 Soundtrack

Episode 1: “Ain’t Much Left of Me”- Blackberry Smoke

Episode 3: “Whiskey and You”- Chris Stapleton

Episode 5: “Nose on the Grindstone”- Tyler Childers

Episode 5: “Good One Comin’ On”- Blackberry Smoke

Episode 5: “S.O.B.”- Nathaniel Rateliff

Episode 5: “Drank Like Hank”- Brothers Osborne

Episode 8: “Axe”- The Steel Woods

Episode 10: “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore”- Chris Stapleton

The final song by Chris Stapleton is featured in a clip from Yellowstone during one of the series’ most touching and gripping moments as a flashback shows a moment shared between John Dutton and his father. Although the interaction between the two tugs already tugs at the heartstrings, when you add Stapleton’s gravelly, longing voice and beautiful lyrics in the song, the scene becomes iconic.

The chorus of the song reads: “Daddy don’t pray anymore / I guess he’s finished talking to the Lord / He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor / But daddy don’t pray anymore.”

Do you agree with the list of the top songs from Season 2 of Yellowstone?