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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Top Songs from the Season 1 Soundtrack

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Yellowstone explores the Dutton family living on their Montana ranch. The show is an authentic, drama-filled, and exciting journey of modern Western family.

Yellowstone is also one of the hottest shows on television right now. In part, this is due to an incredible soundtrack put together by music supervisor Andrea von Foerster. So, it’s time to explore the best songs from Season 1.

Although the show has been nominated for three awards since its inception, it has not won any major awards. Fans are heartbroken by this but are still fervent in their support for the show. This, however, has nothing to do with how good the soundtrack is for Yellowstone.

Creating The Yellowstone Soundtrack

Season 1 of the Paramount Network’s original television series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner finished filming on November 17. The release date of Season 4 has not been released yet, so in the meantime, take a look back at the show’s all-important soundtrack.

While the show’s acting on its own is incredible, the songs enhance each episode, scene, and moment all the more. Yellowstone uses a country music-based soundtrack that is unprecedented in the world of hit shows.

A lot of the show’s success boils down to how well the produces of the show utilize the featured songs and artists. Yellowstone uses music that the mainstream media overlooks, and the result is extraordinary. In particular, the music, when coupled with the storyline and acting, has made the show skyrocket.

Accordingly, the soundtrack explores country music, rock, roots, and folk. Most of the songs used are lesser-known musicians, but they are incredibly talented. All in all, the diversity of music throughout Season 1 lends itself to the massive success of the show.

Co-producer Taylor Sheridan has created a show where the music weaves beautifully into scenes and only enhances them. In particular, the show has a strict policy about its music selection. Andrea von Foerster, in an interview with Rolling Stone, talks about the importance of finding music that reflects the culture of the show. This means the creators and producers are looking for outlaw type music, not pop culture music.

Some of the artists Yellowstone uses include Whiskey Myers, Chris Stapleton, Uncle Lucious, Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, and many more.

So, without further ado, here are the very best songs from Season 1.

The Best Songs from Yellowstone’s Season 1

Episode 1: “On The River” – Whiskey Myers

Episode 2: “Bad News” – Whitey Morgan and the 78’s

Episode 4: “Keep the Wolves Away” – Uncle Lucius

Episode 5: “All Choked Up Again” – Ryan Bingham

Episode 7: “Without Your Love” – Chris Stapleton

Episode 8: “Baby I Lost My Way” – Nathaniel Rateliff

Episode 9: “Me And The Whiskey” – Whitey Morgan and the ’78’s

And as always, the Yellowstone theme song is a goosebump-inducing composition that brings you back to some of the most important, enthralling moments of the show.

Although the list of songs is long, these reflect some of the more important scenes in Season 1. One moment, in particular, is a scene from episode seven when Rip Wheeler is riding to the barn at sunset and tries to call John and Jamie Dutton. While the scene is utterly beautiful, Chris Stapleton’s “Without Your Love” enhances the emotions they are all dealing with.

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