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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Understanding Fans’ Mixed Feelings About Walker

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Per Ole Hagen/Redferns)

It is hard for us “Yellowstone” fans to believe but the end of the hit Paramount Network show’s fourth season is just days away.

We will be getting the ninth episode of season four this Sunday with the season finale set for the following Sunday. It’s been an incredible season and “Yellowstone” fans are sad to see it but excited to see how it plays out. You just know “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan has a trick or two up his sleeve that he’s saving for the end.

It’s been a very interesting season for “Yellowstone” ranch hand Walker, played by country music star Ryan Bingham. Walker survives yet another attempt on his life, this time by fellow ranch hand Lloyd. We’ve lost count on how many times Walker has nearly met death. The guitar-playing, trouble-making ranch hand remains one of the polarizing characters in the modern western drama. A recent Reddit thread asks “Yellowstone” fans to share their thoughts on Walker’s stay on the ranch. To no one’s surprise, opinions of Walker are all over the pace.

“Why does everyone hate Walker so much?” a poster asks other “Yellowstone” fans. “I’ve watched all of the episodes and don’t see why walker gets so much hate. He did try to leave the ranch but can you blame him after he was trying to get away from crime? Lloyd had no business going after the girl that was a quarter of his age. He can be a smartass at times, but overall I haven’t seen him do anything inherently bad.”

It seems “Yellowstone” fans either love or hate Walker with little middle ground.

“I can’t hate Walker because Ryan Bingham is my go-to artist,” another Redditor says. “I think he makes people upset because he rocks the boat of blind loyalty.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Walker’s Role In the Bunkhouse

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your thoughts on “Yellowstone” worker Walker. One thing is for sure though and that he makes the show that much more interesting.

“I respect him because he’s principled and true to himself while not ever disrespecting anyone who doesn’t first cross him,” a Redditor says. “He’s a super puncher compared to most of the bunkhouse and doesn’t feel the need for all the lagniappe.”

Other fans think Ryan Bingham’s character is underused on “Yellowstone” and needs more screen time.

“I love Walker,” another fan says. “I feel like he’s the only one of the bunkhouse guys that seems capable of some deeper, rational thought. Having said that, the show could’ve done so much more with him, but didn’t.”

We will see what the final two episodes have in store for Walker and the rest of the bunkhouse crew as the season winds down.