‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are All the Unsolved Murders Going to Come Back to Haunt the Duttons in Season 4?

by Halle Ames

Are all the Yellowstone unsolved murders going to come back to bite the Duttons in the bum in season four?

We’ve all been thinking it. It’s nervously has lived rent-free in my mind since the very first murder and kept us up at night worrying about our favorite fictional family.

What Happens to the Bodies at the Train Station?

Thus far, the Duttons have ordered Rip to kill countless people, and for some reason, no red flags have gone up that these people are missing. It wouldn’t be very hard to trace back all these murders to one person. They were generally all killed with the same gun, left in the same place, all with ties back to the Dutton’s ranch. Heck, some of them even have a large “Y” branded on their chest. Of course, John would be a major suspect!

Whenever the Duttons are tired of someone, or they are standing in their way for whatever reason, the trusty foreman, Rip, tells the person to pack their bags. They think they are just being fired and taken to a train station to find work elsewhere. Little do they know that once John Dutton employs you at the Yellowstone ranch, you are there for life.

If you want to leave, you get in the car with Rip and drive into the darkness on Montana’s back roads. Once you hit the Montana and Wyoming border, you will find a cliff. John Dutton refers to this location as the train station. Here, Rip Wheeler pulls the car over and tells you to exit the vehicle. Once out, he shoots you in the head, and over the cliff you go. Never to be seen again.

Gone with No Questions?

But, could their luck change? Is Yellowstone waiting for another curveball, and someone gets John Dutton into more trouble than he is already in?

When Rip was speaking to Beth, he even notes that he has lost count of all the people he has killed throughout his life.

Even prominent characters like the Beck brothers and Wade and Clint Marrow all died without any questions being raised. What about the two assassins that attacked Beth? They’re strung up on Malcolm Beck’s deck naked and violently killed. Nothing more on them?

Reddit Raised Questions About ‘Yellowstone’

One eagle-eyed Reddit fan commented about all the Yellowstone murders that were swept under the rug. This user even took the time to count the number of kills, although we believe it may be much higher.

“I started out a fan of this show, but it got a little tedious counting the number of killings on this show with no consequences, no investigations (to speak of), some of which were blatant murders. Do none of the dead have families or friends who wonder where they disappeared to? This isn’t bumf–ked Arkansas, there is actually law enforcement in Montana, and no rich rancher can own and control them like John Dutton apparently does. Why? Because all the liberal, transplanted Californians wouldn’t allow it. They’d have the DOJ on top of this place so fast Dutton’s head would spin. I just can’t get over how Taylor Sheridan can ask us to believe 12 people (count ’em) can die under suspicious circumstances on that ranch, and no one bats an eye.”

We nervously await the premiere of Yellowstone season four in June. This is Montana, anything can happen in the wild west.