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Yellowstone’ TV Posts Video About Being an ‘Enemy of Kayce Dutton,’ Instagram Lights up

by Jon D. B.
(source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

Yellowstone has some advice for anyone planning to cross paths with the Duttons in the future: “Don’t be an enemy of Kayce Dutton.”

“Look at me… and know that I am not your friend. I am your enemy.”

These are the now infamous words of Kayce Dutton as he speaks to – as any fan worth their salt will know – a wolf. Furthermore, the Dutton’s “prodigal son” is developing quite the relationship with the wolves surrounding his family’s ranch. And if Instagram is to be believed – fans think he looks mighty fine whilst doing so.

Yellowstone’s official Instagram page has just put up the short clip of Kayce, much to the delight of viewers. Kayce, it seems, many not only be the best hope for his father’s ranch – but for keeping fans onto the show, too.

Instagram fans fawn over Kayce Dutton

If anyone requires further proof of Kayce’s following on Yellowstone, look no further. The comments on the show’s latest video share are a literal collection of fans fawning over Luke Grimes’ character:

kathryn.keane: Face of an Angel 💗 That wolf knows he’s in no danger 💞

debbiemadril: 😍 his inner lone alfa wolf coming out!😱😯

deeventi: love him!!!! 😍😍

elize.kuipers: Wow. He’s good looking 🤗

gun.nova.sso: Look at me Kayce, you ARE my friend bc I am a huge fan of Yellowstone 😁

ameliawilliams_3: he sure is yummy🥰😋

pnana117: Can’t wait until the new season starts😍. Really miss them😢


We don’t have too long to wait until we find out how Kayce Dutton and his relationship with the wolves ends up, either. Yellowstone fans are set for plenty more of the show – and possibly even a film.

Season 4 hits in 2021, and Paramount is expected to announce the official release date with a trailer any day now.

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