‘Yellowstone’ TV: Viewers Are Just Now Learning How ‘Terrifying’ Beth Dutton Is During Labor Day Weekend Marathon

by Quentin Blount

It feels like we all have Yellowstone fever right now. Some of us longtime fans are waiting patiently for the start of season 4 in November. And others who are new to the show are just now catching up thanks to Paramount Network’s Labor Day Weekend marathon.

It’s always entertaining to see the Yellowstone newbies get up to speed. Their latest revelation is learning about just how terrifying the character of Beth Dutton actually is. Portrayed by actress Kelly Reilly, Beth is the daughter of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. He’s the owner of Yellowstone Ranch — the largest contiguous ranch in the United States.

Being in the position that the Duttons are in, they are faced with all kinds of obstacles — and enemies — that are hell-bent on taking over the ranch. As a result, Beth Dutton has had to become much more than just her good looks. The foul-mouthed businesswoman is no one to play around with. The official Yellowstone Twitter account showcased as much in their latest tweet on Saturday. They posted a clip of Beth Dutton saying, “You can’t talk to me like that.”

“Be careful what you say to Beth Dutton,” Yellowstone captioned the post. “You could find yourself with a ticket to ‘The Long Black Train.’ #YellowstoneTV”

Yellowstone fans on Twitter were quick to chime in with their own thoughts on the character of Beth Dutton. One of them went as far as to call her the “most terrifying character on television.”

“She’s the most terrifying character on Television, and she hasn’t even killed anyone…yet,” they said.

“My girl Beth has balls and brains,” one person commented.

“Love her role, she is an amazing actress. Love her!” another fan wrote.

Holding Out Hope for Beth Dutton in Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’

If you are not completely caught up to the end of season 3 of Yellowstone yet, then you may want to skip to the next article. We have plenty more Yellowstone content for you to soak up right here on Outsider. But for those who know what happened, we are still holding out hope for Kelly Reilly’s character as we approach the start of season 4.

Season 3 of the hit show officially came to a close back in the summer of 2020. It feels like forever ago now. But you may remember that Beth Dutton found herself in a very concerning situation. Everything looked as though she had just been blown to bits after a box explodes in her office. The office windows were completely shattered, and there was no Beth Dutton anywhere around. Things certainly did not look good.

With all of that said, we have still not gotten any indication of what is going to happen with the character. But it’s probably safe to say that we are all holding out hope that Beth is alive. Either way, we will find out soon enough when season 4 of Yellowstone premieres in November.