‘Yellowstone’ TV: Walker Actor Ryan Bingham Shows Off New Cowboy Hat From Iconic American Hat Company

by Katie Maloney

Yellowstone actor Ryan Bingham shows fans his new “lid” in recent Instagram story.

A good hat is essential for any cowboy. And Ryan Bingham is no different. The country singer and actor recently shared a photo of his latest hat to his Instagram story. Along with the photo, he wrote, “Thanks for the new lid.” He also tagged American Hat Company in the photo.

How Much Does Ryan Bingham Love Hats?

The cowboy hat is one of the most recognizable pieces of fashion in the world. And it represents the traditions of the iconic American cowboy. Since 1915 American Hat company has been making hats for cowboys around the country including rodeo champions and celebrities. Now, they can officially add Ryan Bingham to that list. But the cowboy hat isn’t the only lid Bingham tops his head with. If you check out his Instagram, Bingham is wearing a hat in almost every single one of his posts. Whether it’s a baseball cap, cowboy hat, straw hat, or even sombrero, Ryan Bingham is wearing it in one of his photos.

How Did Ryan Land His Role On Yellowstone?

Many fans knew him already as a hint-making singer/songwriter. However, a whole new group of fans now know Ryan Bingham as Walker on Yellowstone. Ao, how did he make the transition from music to acting? During a recent podcast interview, Bingham talked about his relationship with the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan and what led to his character being “written in.”

“He (Sheridan) was a fan and wanted to use a couple of my songs in the show,” said Bingham. “He learned that I used to ride bulls and cowboy a little bit and said we’ve got to get you in the show. Taylor was like ‘I don’t know what we’re going to with you but we’ll figure something out.’ So he came up with my character and he said, ‘We will slowly introduce you in there and if you do real good we’ll keep you in…and if you suck we’ll just kill you off.’”

Well, he’s must have done ‘real good’ by Taylor Sheridan’s standards because Walker is coming back for Season four of Yellowstone this summer.