‘Yellowstone’ TV: Walker Actor Ryan Bingham Drops Epic Trail Riding Video Through California Backcountry

by Thad Mitchell

As excitement continues to build for the quickly approaching new season of Yellowstone, the show’s stars are living it up.

Ryan Bingham, who plays the trouble-making Yellowstone Ranch hand Walker, is the latest star to share his adventures with fans. Bingham took to social media over the weekend to post a video of his weekend activity. The actor, who is also a successful country musician, headed out to California for a little weekend trail ride. On his Instagram, he shares a video of his recent horse ride with Yellowstone fans.

“Just another day on the trail out here,” he says in the video from atop his horse. The video also includes a few pics of the excursion, including one where the horses have come to stop. He hilariously labels the photo as a traffic jam. Later in the video, he shows off a local swimming hole that he and his crew stopped at.

Yellowstone Star Ryan Bingham Discusses How he Got Role

In addition to his role on Yellowstone, Bingham is also an excellent musician and vocalist. He has put out six studio albums and one live album. Bingham got the role of Walker after Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan became enamored with his music and wanted to work it into the show.

“He (Sheridan) was a fan and wanted to use a couple of my songs in the show,” Bingham says in an interview earlier this year. “He learned that I used to ride bulls and cowboy a little bit and said we’ve got to get you in the show. Taylor was like ‘I don’t know what we’re going to with you but we’ll figure something out.’ So he came up with my character and he said, ‘We will slowly introduce you in there and if you do real good we’ll keep you in…and if you suck we’ll just kill you off.”

Like a cat with nine lives, Walker has escaped sure death on more than one occasion during his time on Yellowstone Ranch. He’s developed a rivalry with Rip Wheeler, who attempts to send him to the “train station” a couple of times. Rip is none too happy when he discovers Walker’s life is sparred by Kayce Dutton.

Yellowstone fans are anxious to see what season four has in store for Walker. Now, on his third or fourth chance, can he stay out of trouble and out of Rip’s reach?

With a new season just around the corner, Yellowstone fans know answers are coming soon.