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‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Walker’ Character Resembles Ryan Bingham’s Real Life Experiences

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Jim Spellman/ Getty Images)

Yellowstone’s character Walker and the actor Ryan Bingham may be more alike than they seem after this experience.

On Yellowstone, Walker is a walking mess. He is constantly finding himself in trouble with both Rip and the law. At this point, we are just wondering if he will survive another day on the ranch.

However, could Ryan Bingham resemble Walker in more ways than one?

Walker Trouble

They are both cowboys on and off the show as well as talented country artists, but one scene comes to mind when we think of a drifter.

In season three, Rip tried to take Walker to the “train station,” where he would no longer be an issue for anyone. However, Kayce is now in charge, so he just tells Walker to go free but not show his face in Montana ever again.

Down the line, Rip and Lloyd are drinking at a dive bar outside of town when they hear a familiar voice on the mic. When the rugged cowboys turn around, Walker is on stage, going about his life, and very much not dead as they thought.

Lloyd and Rip wait until Walker leaves the bar, and they grab him and bring him back to the Yellowstone. It’s here that he is trapped doing manual labor.

Ryan Bingham Drifts into Something Good

Ryan Bingham spoke to the #nfp Podcast by 3D Entertainment about how he came to make a name for himself in the music industry. 

While not exactly the same scenario, Ryan Bingham recalls being a drifter, similar to Walker and just trying to find a place to play music. At this point, he and his bandmate were both dirt poor. They decided to head to LA to find a few gigs that paid for gas and food. They got a whole lot more than that.

“So we literally rolled right into LA, went to this bar called the King King, set up shop, and played. It was just Carla. She was working in the bar that night and then, a couple of other people and this other guy. The other guy turned out to be Mark Ford. He was the guitar player for the Black Crows. We played for an hour, and he’s like, ‘man.’ and we literally came off stage, and he literally just said, ‘hey, I want to make a record with you guys’ and f*ck that was it. You know. We made a record, and it got signed to Lost Highway Records out of Nashville.”

Ryan Bingham had a much better outcome than Walker might have. The point is more about being discovered in a rinky-dink bar.

Season 4 of Yellowstone premieres in June of 2021, so we will see what other trouble Walker will find himself in.