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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Walker a Double Agent for Market Equities’ Roarke Morris?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans are questioning if Walker is playing a double agent for Roarke Morris and the rest of Market Equities.

Honestly, Walker is loyal to no one but himself. At least, so it seems. However, since his arrest for killing someone in a bar fight, he cannot leave the state of Montana. After being employed by John Dutton and foolishly taking the brand, now Walker can not leave the Yellowstone ranch… alive, that is. He feels trapped and that the beautiful sprawling property isn’t a paradise or workplace but a literal hell on earth.

Is Yellowstone Setting Fans Up For a Double Agent Situation?

So, who is to say in season four, Yellowstone hits us with a double agent situation where our guitar-playing cowboy is just a sponge on the ranch. He could be just soaking up all the secrets only to report back to Roarke and Market Equities later.

If Roarke and Market Equities took over the property, then Walker would be free to leave the Yellowstone. However, if they just place an airport in the middle of a field, then the ranch is still up and going, and Walker has to stay. Right?

So, if Walker was posing as a double agent, he would need to have murder on his mind to escape the Dutton’s grasp entirely. Furthermore, Jamie has cut off his family, and Rip has no claims to the property. So, if Kayce, Beth, and John Dutton were gone, the land would go to the government or the highest bidder. At the moment, the only person with that kind of money is Market Equities.

According to Meaww, they seem to think there are one too many coincidences with Walker in Yellowstone season three.

First, Lloyd and Rip bring Walker back to the ranch after finding him alive and singing in a dive bar. As far as they knew, Walker’s body was rotting at the bottom of the train station by now and not up and moving.

Walker Proves He Is ‘Loyal’

Then, Rip tells Walker to prove he is loyal to the Yellowstone. Well, by this point, Walker has plenty of blood on his hands.

Rip has a way of tricking men that are on probation into breaking the law, so he has leverage on them and can threaten to send them back to jail. Rip did this earlier in the show when he made Walker help him dump the journalist’s body that Jamie killed. He also did this with Jimmy in season one when they changed where the stream ran, so Dan Jenkins had no claims to the waterway.

So, Walker proves he is somewhat loyal and cuts the brand out of Wade Morrow’s chest. He then joins Lloyd to dump the lifeless bodies of Wade and his son Clint off the side of the train station. After that, Walker begins asking odd questions about the cliff and how often they utilize the unmarked spot.

All around, it was sketchy and had Yellowstone fans raising eyebrows about what the future holds for Walker. Where do his loyalties lie? Is he working behind the scenes for his freedom? Will he ever prove his worth on the ranch? Will Rip just save himself the headache and kill him off for good? Only Yellowstone season four has those answers.