‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Walker the Only Character to Return From the ‘Train Station?’

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the ever popular Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” know what a ride to the “train station” means. Taking a fateful trip to the non-existent station means the individual will not be returning to Yellowstone Ranch. In fact, you won’t be returning at all.

For those who might’ve missed it, in the show, taking a person to the “train station” is code for killing them and discarding their body to where it cannot be found. Rip Wheeler, Yellowstone’s ranch foreman, is typically the one to give orders on taking an unlucky individual to the station.

Through three seasons, only two characters have gone to the train station with completely different results. In the act, the individual goes across the Montana state line to a very high ledge. The person gets a bullet to the head and falls off the high cliff to their death.

Ranch Hand Fred Heads to the Train Station

After a fight Jimmy in season one, ranch hand Fred goes to the train station with senior ranch hand Lloyd. After mouthing off about his disdain for the ranch and the Dutton family, Lloyd pulls over to the side of the road.

Upon pulling off to the side of the road, Lloyd proceeds to toss Fred’s belongings off the ledge. Fred, rightfully suspicious, confronts Lloyd about what he is doing, saying “this ain’t no train station.”

“Sure it is,” Lloyd replies. “It’s the long, black train.”

He then shoots Fred, who falls off of the ledge.

Walker (Ryan Bingham) also took a trip to the train station but with a much different result. After Kayce volunteers to take the ranch hand to the mythical train station, he spares Walker’s life. The one condition is that Walker leaves the state and never returns. He, of course, does return to the dismay of Rip and is likely going to be a major character in the upcoming fourth season.

Yellowstone Fans Hope to Learn More on ‘Train Station’

It raises the question of are the two ranch hands the only two characters on the show that have gone to the train station. Has anyone else on the show survived the train station trip like Walker did?

The most likely candidate is Wade. The trouble maker was a some point associated with the Dutton family, as evidenced by the Yellowstone brand on his chest. Wade has the brand cut off from his chest by Walker, before he is ultimately murdered by the ranch hands for attacking Colby and Teeter.

Is it possible that Wade’s life was once spared by John Dutton at some point? On the condition that he never returns. Much in the same way that Kayce spared Walker. Because we all know, Kayce is much more like John than he’d ever admit. It goes to reason that maybe John had a similar interaction with Wade back in the days prior to the series.

There have been some mysterious disappearances on the ranch as well. Former ranch hands “Cowboy” and Avery abruptly vanished from the show in earlier seasons. Could they be train station victims? Some might assume that both simply got up and got out of town, but then again, Walker was supposed to just “leave” as well.

One thing is for certain, Yellowstone fans are eager to learn more about the “train station” in the upcoming new season. Perhaps there will be flashbacks showing how Wade got into the situation he did. Perhaps the show will reveal what actually happened to Avery and Cowboy.

With the return of the show this summer, the long wait for answers is almost over.