‘Yellowstone’ TV: Was Jamie Incorrect in Telling Beth She Doesn’t Represent the Dutton Ranch?

by Jennifer Shea

In preparation for the Season 4 premiere in a couple of months, “Yellowstone” fans are slowly and carefully picking apart the major developments from Season 3 that lead into Season 4.

That includes questioning some of the perceived discrepancies and plot holes from the last season. And one of those discrepancies was Jamie’s (Wes Bentley) move to thwart Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) attempt to block the sale of John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) land to a hedge fund to make way for an airport.

In a new thread on Reddit, a commenter points out that in one scene, Jamie had said that Beth’s decision to file the power of attorney papers in Utah did not make them invalid.

Reddit Commenter Questions ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Finale

“Watching the episode where Jaimie’s in his office and the assistant brings him some files regarding the POA,” the fan posted to Reddit. “He says she must have used Schwartz and Meyer attorneys and filed in Utah…she ask if it’s invalid… Jaimie says ‘no’…it just muddies the waters…so Beth can still fight for the ranch.”

As “Yellowstone” fans will recall, in the Season 3 finale, a meeting took place that included John Dutton, Beth, Governor Perry (Wendy Moniz-Grillo), Jamie, Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) and the representatives of Market Equities. The governor made it clear that if the Duttons refused to sell a parcel of their land to the hedge fund, the state would likely argue eminent domain and seize the land. Beth claimed power of attorney and was trying to refuse to sell the land when Jamie interrupted her.

Jamie told the meeting that Beth’s power of attorney papers, filed in Utah, were invalid. Then he claimed that in fact, the decision fell to him. But was he incorrect or simply lying? Did series co-creator Taylor Sheridan make a mistake in having Jamie stake that claim? Or did he plan to give Beth a way out by having Jamie’s claim in that meeting later prove to be false?

The answer will probably emerge in Season 4.

Fans Debate Plot Details on Reddit

This is not the first time “Yellowstone” fans have picked up on a seemingly tiny plot detail that has broader implications. Last month, “Yellowstone” fans got into a discussion on Reddit about Beth’s status as executor of John Dutton’s will and about power of attorney.

Fans couldn’t decide who really had power of attorney. But one pointed out that John Dutton could simply have sent a registered letter to terminate Jamie’s power of attorney, as that’s all it takes to fix the situation.

“I think this show is kind of making up its own rules, and for the audience to just roll with it,” the fan added.