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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Was Season 3 Finale Attack One Character’s ‘Inevitable’ Destiny?

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Ready for “Yellowstone” Season 4 already? So are we. The wait for even a trailer to drop has become almost agonizing. Thankfully, fellow fans of the best modern Western are continually dreaming up plausible theories to keep us busy until S4 hits.

Take this latest scenario, for example. Sharp ‘Yellowstone’ fans are at it again on the show’s Reddit community, and one user we’ll call Goldstein just happened to finish all three seasons for the first time. Having witnessed the bombastic Season 3 finale with fresh eyes, Goldstein is wondering:

“Does anyone else not really blame Jaime for what happened in the Season 3 finale? The guy was the punching bag of the show for years after all, it seemed like this was inevitable.”

Inevitable, indeed. You’re absolutely not alone there, Goldstein. In fact, Outsider has written extensively on this very topic. Moreover, other Redditors are jumping in Friday to lend credence to this query – and perhaps even label it with a touch of “destiny.”

“Knowing what we know now – you can see that his character was written and dressed in a way that stands apart from the rest of the Duttons. Now that makes sense,” replies another Redditor, Cauliflower.

The show’s creator and lead writer, Taylor Sheridan, is a massive fan of foreshadowing. Comments like Cauliflower’s show how long it takes for some of Sheridan’s plot points to come to fruition, too. Everything from dream sequences to straight-up references in dialogue two seasons prior came in the Season 3 finale… Especially for Jamie.

Is Jamie Dutton Going to Undo ‘Yellowstone’?

“It was tough for the first two and a half seasons, to understand why Beth loathed Jamie so much. Not really sure how to feel about that situation but all around Jamie seemed to be more of a hired hand than a son,” Cauliflower continues.

The Redditor‘s questions/observations and Season 3’s massive revelations for Jamie ultimately beg the question: is he truly capable of hurting his family? Could he truly be “destined” to kill all – if any – of his Dutton kin?

Back when Season 1 was plowing the way for ‘Yellowstone’ to become the mega-hit it is now, Jamie Actor Wes Bentley spoke at length to the relationships his character held with family members at the time.

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“With Kayce, I feel like Jamie definitely has an older brother relationship with him,” Bentley starts off of his relationship with Luke Grimes’ younger Kayce Dutton.

“He cares a lot about Kayce. And he worries about Kayce, because I think he knows Kayce is so volatile and unpredictable.”

Throughout S1-3, we’ve seen this play out to a great degree. While Jamie has purposefully moved to hurt both Beth and their father, he’s absolutely gone easy on Kayce in comparison. In fact, the two rarely come to true odds unless it involves another family member. Or getting Kayce out of trouble, rather than into it.

“He loves his brother, but [Jamie] also knows [Kayce] is a danger to the family business. And that’s part of Jamie’s job. So he has to look at Kayce through two different lenses.”

Yet as we see in our in-depth look at Jamie Dutton’s family dynamics, he’s ready to take down any family member who stands in his way – even by the end of Season 1. And so, so much has happened for him in the following seasons. Could Jamie be party to the assassination attempts at the end of S3, then? Only time – and Season 4 – will tell.