‘Yellowstone’ TV: Watch the Actors Talk About What Their Moms Think About the Show

by Jennifer Shea

The Bunkhouse Boys are honoring Mother’s Day in classic “Yellowstone” style: hanging out in the bunkhouse, dishing about their moms’ appreciation for the hit Paramount Network TV series.

Apparently, all three mothers are major “Yellowstone” fans. They’ve never met, but their sons can commiserate about their moms’ over-the-top behavior.

“My mom’s a fanatic,” Ryan actor Ian Bohen said. “She watches everything that comes out, she reads everyone’s tweets, she like puts everything forward. I’m gonna bring her to set next season… She’s gonna go insane. Her head’s gonna blow up. You’ll love her, her name is Pam. She is the number one ‘Yellowstone’ mom fan.”

“My mom, Amy, watches the show religiously,” Jimmy actor Jefferson White said. “She’s a public librarian in Lisbon, Iowa, and Paramount Network very kindly donated some DVDs of ‘Yellowstone’ to the Lisbon Public Library. My mom is… she’s very kind and generous in her support.”

“My mom watches the show,” Colby actor Denim Richards said. “But then, I think, she seems to know so much more about everybody else that I work with, somehow… Like, I’ll get a phone call, and it’ll be like, ‘Oh hey, honey, how’s it going?’ I’ll be like, ‘Oh, great.’ ‘Did you see that Jeff was doing something…?’ I’ll be like, ‘How do you— What? How? How did you know that?’ Or, ‘Ian has been out of the country, where is he going?’ First of all, I’m good, I’m well, thank you, very happy and healthy… So she follows you guys on social media… which is, like, very sweet but then also, what do you say to that?”

“Yeah, ’cause you’re still trying to get her to follow you back,” White replied.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Is Approaching, and the Bunkhouse Boys Are Ready

Bohen added that his mom always wants spoilers. She promises she won’t tell anyone. But Bohen says she’s a liar – no spoilers for mom.

The appeals for spoilers are probably even more urgent now that the Season 4 premiere is approaching. Filming on Season 4 wrapped in November, and according to the Instagram account of the Chief Joseph Ranch, the real-world setting for the Dutton Ranch, the premiere is happening this June.

Season 3 left off with White’s character lying unconscious on the ground and Richards’s character having just survived a brutal attack. So there’s plenty of suspense hanging over the Bunkhouse Boys as they start the next season.

But “Yellowstone” fans can rest assured that the Bunkhouse Boys’ mothers, despite being superfans, are not getting any special treatment. They will just have to wait, like everybody else, to find out what happens next.