‘Yellowstone TV’: Watch Cast Debate ‘Beth or Rip’ in ‘Bunkhouse Bonus’ Video

by Jennifer Shea

The bunkhouse boys of “Yellowstone” are playing a new game, and it’s called “Beth or Rip?” In it, the players are given a task – say, doing the dishes – and they have to guess whether Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) or Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) will be doing it.

First off, here are the questions, so “Yellowstone” fans can play at home:

1. Who’s cleaning the dishes after dinner each night?

2. Who’s doing the laundry?

3. Who is most likely to rip the marriage apart with an extramarital affair?

4. Who stocks the fridge with beer?

5. Who’s cooking Sunday breakfast?

6. Who’s handling the household budgets?

7. Who’s changing the bedsheets?

8. Who does the food shopping?

The game quickly becomes a debate between the bunkhouse boys, who have apparently watched “Yellowstone” as closely as any fan and remember mundane details from the Beth and Rip scenes.

Some Highlights from the Debate

Predictably, the bunkhouse boys stuck Rip with most of the unpleasant tasks, like washing the dishes and doing the laundry. But surprisingly, Ian Bohen and Jefferson White said neither partner would tear the marriage apart with an affair. Denim Richards said Beth would do it – perhaps not totally unfairly, since Beth did conduct an affair with Walker (Ryan Bingham) right in front of Rip.

As for who does the beer stocking, Bohen insisted it’s Beth, in a role reversal, because getting beer for Rip is her love language on “Yellowstone.” Rip’s love language, they agreed, is cooking for Beth.

They all agreed that Beth, the financial whiz, would be handling the household budgets. And neither one of them seemed likely to change the bedsheets, the bunkhouse boys decided at first, before ultimately sticking Rip with that task. After all, Rip is fastidious in some ways; have you ever seen his shirt untucked on “Yellowstone”?

“I win,” Bohen declared at the end of the game, over the objections of his compatriots.

Watch the full “Yellowstone” bunkhouse boys debate here:

‘Yellowstone’ Is Back This Summer

The cast and crew wrapped filming on Season 4 last November, according to the Instagram account of the Chief Joseph Ranch, the real-world location for the fictional Dutton ranch. The Season 4 “Yellowstone” premiere should happen sometime in June.

It was not easy taping a show like “Yellowstone” in the midst of a pandemic. As series co-creator Taylor Sheridan told Deadline last year, they had to maintain the same overall quality that the previous seasons have had while keeping cast and crew under tight restrictions.

“No one’s going to care in a year when Season 4 comes out that we were shooting under stressful situations, if the camerawork and the scope of the show and the quality of the product isn’t what it has been up to this point,” Sheridan said.

He explained that they had a zero-tolerance policy from the beginning of Season 4 filming. “Yellowstone”‘s cast and crew were not allowed to go anywhere, he said.

“We also, as a production company, have to understand that going somewhere for five months and only seeing your hotel room and the set is a terrible working condition, right?” he added. So they looked into building a cantina on set, and having some form of entertainment every day, and constructing an outdoor gym.

Sheridan acknowledged that the pandemic has “magnif[ied] the expense” of production for shows like his. But with Paramount sparing no expense to create “Yellowstone,” that’s just par for the course.