‘Yellowstone’ TV: Watch Cole Hauser Explain How the Show Used Real Cattle Brand in Unforgettable Jimmy Scene

by Thad Mitchell

It must have taken a lot of trust between “Yellowstone” actor Jefferson White and Cole Hauser to pull off an unforgettable scene from the show.

We all remember the scene in which Rip Wheeler shows up unannounced at Jimmy Hurdstrom’s home. After a bit of bickering back and forth, Jimmy agrees to leave his life as a methamphetamine cook and work at “Yellowstone” Ranch.

Of course, there is one other piece of business to tend to and that is Jimmy’s going to need a brand. That’s right, in order for Jimmy to turn from his life of crime and start fresh at the ranch, he must also be branded. After heating up the “Yellowstone” branding iron, Rip stick the flaming hot end onto Jimmy’s chest, leaving a permanent “Y” in its place. Before he leaves, Rip shows a little sympathy and tosses Jimmy a tube of burn cream.

It is a fantastic scene and also one of the best the show has come up with through three seasons. It is also the perfect scene to introduce two of the primary characters on “Yellowstone.”

“Be a man about it — don’t scream,” Rip says.

It is textbook Rip Wheeler and we also learn that he too carries the “Yellowstone” brand on his own chest. The moment would send the two characters down the path that leads them to where they are now with season four approaching. The memorable scene comes in the show’s very first episode and is still entrenched in the minds of many “Yellowstone” fans.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Talks Branding Scene

In a 2019 interview, Cole Hauser talks about how the scene was created between him and Jefferson White. As it turns out, Hauser used an actual branding iron in the scene to create authenticity.

“They have kind of perfected it,” the “Yellowstone” actor says. “When I branded Jimmy in the very beginning they just took a piece of wood and put a leather strip on it. He had to hold it and I actually branded it with the hot iron.”

Since Jimmy’s branding, we have seen several other characters also get the “Yellowstone” brand. When Rip brands Walker, he tells him the brand is “just for the criminals” before slapping the hot brand on him. At the end of season three, Colby and Teeter earn their brands by participating in the murder of Wade Morrow. Could we see more brands handed out in the upcoming new season of “Yellowstone?” It is a definite possibility for sure.

“Yellowstone” fans learned earlier this week that their favorite show will be returning in the fall. What will season four have in store for the budding “bromance” between Rip and Jimmy? We can’t wait to find out.

So, hang in there “Yellowstone” fans. Good things come to those who are patient.