‘Yellowstone’ TV: Watch Edin Brolin Perform Stripped-Down Song From Her Band Atta Boy

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SCAD)

Yellowstone‘s very own Mia hit fans with a stellar, stripped-down performance of “There” from her band’s 2020 album, Big Heart Manners, and it’s one fans won’t want to miss.

Firstly, if you didn’t know Edin Brolin (Mia of Jimmy & Mia on Yellowstone) could sing, you’re in for a surprise. Not only can she sing, but Brolin does so with a phenomenal voice and songwriting skills to match.

Hitting followers with an example of exactly this Friday, the Yellowstone star performs an acoustic version of “There” via her band’s official Instagram page.

“Hey y’all don’t forget to head over to @getvnyl to snag a translucent red copy of Big Heart Manners,” she captions the post for her band, Atta Boy.

“Hi everyone, I’m Eden, the singer for Atta Boy,” she prefaces the performance within. What a humble start! We dig it. She continues by showing off a new clear red vinyl edition of their Summer 2020 album, Big Heart Manners for fans. Then, she dives into track 6, “There,” which she describes as “one of the songs on the record that has a little bit less of a country thing goin’ on.”

“I’ll just say now – it undoubtedly sounds better on the record,” Brolin adds. Humble all the way through!

Give the Yellowstone star’s barebones version of “There” a spin for yourself below. Sure, we’re a tad biased toward Ms. Brolin… But it’s pretty fantastic:

‘Yellowstone’ Fans are All In for Atta Boy

“This is so goooood!” reads the top Instagram comment for Brolin’s performance. Indeed, it is, as the daughter of prolific actor Josh Brolin is a multi-talented wonder.

“Woot🔥 love your voice sweet lady ❤️” another fan comments in kind.

“What a wonderful way to start my morning. Love u and the red!❤️❤️” the next comment reads.

Fascinatingly, Atta Boy’s first album, Out of Sorts, hit all the way back in 2012 following their time as a high school band. The band features Brolin, Freddy Reish, Lewis Pullman, and Dashel Thompson.

Then, the band got together after an eight-year hiatus to create 2020’s Big Heart Mannersin 2020. Through their work, Brolin is just as engaging as her terrific turn as Mia on Yellowstone. Recently, she and Atta Boy put out a fantastic home-shot music video for another track, “Lucky,” too. To get a better feel for their sound and Brolin’s gorgeous voice, check out the full music video here with us on Outsider.