‘Yellowstone’ TV: How to Watch the Hit Paramount Series on National Streaming Day

by Halle Ames

Are you not caught up on all the Yellowstone drama? Well, prepare yourself for National Streaming Day to binge-watch your favorite show. 

I’m not sure if anyone out there still hasn’t given in and watched the hit Paramount series “Yellowstone.” Maybe you don’t know where to stream it? We get it but worry no longer. You can join the crazed and dedicated “Yellowstone” fanbase soon enough, and we will tell you how. 

“Yellowstone” is one of the top shows on television since its debut in 2018, and it’s not hard to guess why. Hot cowboys, beautiful landscapes, and more drama than a soap opera. How can you not be glued to your TV?

Maybe you are like me, and you don’t have cable to watch the show. We have you covered as well. 

Or you may just be obsessed with the show like us and will watch all the seasons over again just to fill the void you have been feeling since the end of “Yellowstone” season three last year. 

How To Watch ‘Yellowstone’

Here are some streaming sites that carry “Yellowstone” because Netflix and Hulu aren’t an option.

First, you have Paramount Network, which lets you stream live sports, breaking news, and 30,000 episodes of hit dramas, comedies, reality competitions. This starts at $5.99 a month.

You can be a Slinger for $30 a month. Sling includes 45 channels, including Paramount Network, as a part of the Sling Blue package.

Philo has a flat rate of $20 a month. With Philo, fans get 58 channels, including Paramount Network. In addition, you can test it out with a free seven-day trial. So, maybe if you have some vacation days stored up, binge all of “Yellowstone ” during that time. 

Furthermore, if you are really trying to ball out, FuboTV offers a standard package with 110 channels, 30 hours of DVR space, and screen sharing capabilities. However, it will cost you $54.99. FuboTV also offers a one-week free trial.

We have linked those free trials for easy access. You are welcome!

If you have Amazon, you can buy each “Yellowstone episode,” or you are able to purchase a season pass. 

According to Good Housekeeping, Paramount Network signed an exclusive deal with NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock. In addition, Comcast Xfinity customers can now stream the show on Peacock Premium at no extra cost. Everyone else can stream the show on Peacock Premium for $4.99 a month.

So, basically, if you don’t catch “Yellowstone” on TV when it airs, then it’s difficult to watch the show for free. However, in honor of National Streaming Day, you may want to consider some of the seven-day free trials!