Yellowstone’ TV: Watch ‘Mia’ Star Eden Brolin Talk About Love of Riding Horses on the Show

by Thad Mitchell

She might be the daughter of Hollywood leading man Josh Brolin, but Eden Brolin is making a name for herself on “Yellowstone.”

On the Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone,” Eden Brolin plays “buckle bunny” Mia. She is the love interest of Yellowstone Ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom and has a thing for rodeoing cowboys. Eden is excellent as Mia, giving her a sense of humor and All American cowgirl-type vibe. She figures to be a big part of the upcoming fourth season that will appear on television sets this fall.

In an interview earlier this year, Eden Brolin talked all things “Yellowstone,” including her love of riding horses. Her character is a barrel racer and she spends a good deal of time atop a horse on the show. That is just fine with her, she says in the Reel Talker interview.

“The fun part of acting is, like, the activities that you get to do with your character,” she says. “Like on Yellowstone — I am a character that gets to ride horses a lot and you’re like, ‘Sick…I get to learn all this stuff.’ I get to do a bunch of stuff on horseback. How fun is that?”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Eden Brolin Talks About Her ‘True Passion’

As much as she loves riding horses while on the set of “Yellowstone,” Eden says her true passion is writing songs.

“My fun, fun hobby is writing songs,” she proclaims. “That and playing music. That is something I can do with my partner too. We have a little recording setup here and we just write stuff. It’s really fun.”

Brolin’s vocal skills are on par with her acting skills as she is the lead singer for a group called “Atta Boy.”

“I have a band that I release stuff with and it’s just kind of my side thing,” she says. “But I don’t really tell a lot of people about it. I’m not really sure why but it’s just something that I do for fun.”

“Yellowstone” fans are excited to see what the future holds for Eden Brolin and Mia in season four. The cowgirl was introduced in a previous season and quickly made her mark. Mia is a “buckle bunny,” as is her friend Laramie, and the two spend their time hanging out with the bunkhouse crew. According to Yellowstone senior ranch hand Lloyd, a “buckle bunny” is a young lady who hangs around rodeos hoping to snatch up the cowboy of her dreams. That is exactly what Mia does as she is easily able to attract Jimmy after meeting him at a rodeo.

When Jimmy hurt himself in a rodeo event, it was Mia there by his side to “comfort” him.

Jimmy’s fate is unknown heading into the brand new season. He falls off of a bucking horse and the last image we see of the poor Yellowstone ranch hand — he is lying face down in the dirt. Will Mia be there for him again?

We will find out this fall.