‘Yellowstone’ TV: Watch Moment John Dutton Confronts Rip on Marrying Beth

by Jon D. B.

Whether this is the first or hundredth time you’ve watched this Yellowstone scene, it’s one that’ll never get old. Watch as John confronts his son-in-law to be as only he can.

“Because your day needs a John Dutton/Rip Wheeler conversation,” Yellowstone posts of the Season 3 clip. Paramount shares many prime clips to the show’s official Twitter. This one, however, is perhaps the best of them all.

This is the moment – the moment – John Dutton confronts Rip on proposing to his only daughter. Naming Beth Dutton feels redundant here, but we’ll consider it an act of respect. Within the scene, we’re treated to a brilliant stretch of sparse dialogue that perfectly displays the mutual respect these two hard-edged men share. In short: if you’re looking to revisit any John/Rip moment, this should top the list.

Their conversation begins as many do on Yellowstone: over horses. It’s another poignant scene that illustrates the respect the Duttons hold for their stock, Rip included. And as he does in all things for John, Rip ends the conversation with “Well, I’ll figure it out.”

Sneaky, Rip! Trying to slide your proposal to Beth under the radar, are we? Nothing, however, gets past John Dutton.

‘Yellowstone’s Legacy: Rip Gets John’s Approval

“That’s it?” John remarks as Rip walks away. The ranch hand responds to his boss with a simple grunt and the expression of a deer in headlights – a rare one for Rip.

“Anything else you feel like discussin’?” John continues with a smirk. Both men sigh deeply.

“If you’re joinin’ the family, can you please be the one person in it who f*ckin’ talks to me?” the Yellowstone patriarch asks.

Rip smiles. “I love her, sir,” he admits. “And I’ll always take care of her.”

“That’s why I said yes,” John smiles, followed by nods from beneath both cowboy hats.

“You know why, ah, people don’t come and talk to you?” Rip gestures. “Cause they’re scared they’ll let you down… I know I am.”

“Well,” John looks down, “If you’re marryin’ Beth you’ve already proved you’re not scared of anything,” he laughs.

Watch the rest of the scene, one of Yellowstone‘s finest, unfold below:

In typical Yellowstone fashion, Season 3’s ending leaves us unsure if we’ll ever get to see the long-anticipated wedding of Rip & Beth. While we’re 99% sure these two – alongside John – survived that insane finale – we have absolutely no idea where Season 4 is heading. One thing’s for certain, however: we can’t wait.