‘Yellowstone’ TV: Watch the ‘Saturday Night’ Interaction That Perfectly Sums Up Lloyd and Jimmy

by Jon D. B.

Need some no-BS wisdom in your life? Catch any clip of Yellowstone featuring Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd Pierce and your wish shall be granted.

Few supporting characters do for a show what Lloyd does for Yellowstone. The same can be said for his young cohort Jimmy (Jefferson White), but there’s just something about Lloyd. The ranch hand, perfectly portrayed by real-life-cowboy Forrie J. Smith, is an absolute treasure. Alongside John Dutton, Lloyd serves as a surrogate father to many on the ranch – specifically for the bunkhouse boys. One character in particular, however, might as well call Lloyd “dad” – and we already said his name.

Now, Yellowstone‘s official Twitter account is celebrating Jimmy & Lloyd’s relationship once again. “Sometimes your whole world just stops,” the show recounts with a winking emoji.

Through the brilliant dialogue of Lloyd Pierce, Jimmy gains decades of wisdom just by being in his presence. Watch below as the veteran cowboy delivers one of his absolute best one-liners to Jimmy:

“You ever have a girl look at you and your whole words just stops?” Jimmy asks.

“Every Saturday night. Now come on. Focus!” Lloyd replies. Classic.

Will ‘Yellowstone’ Continue Jimmy & Mia’s Story?

Fans know, of course, that Jimmy is speaking of his love interest, Mia (Eden Brolin). And what a whirlwind it’s been for these two so far. The Yellowstone lovebirds fell for each other at first sight, but it’s been anything but an easy road after.

While our focus heading into Season 4 is the survival of the Dutton family, we can’t overlook other beloved characters who’s lives hang in the balance. When we last left Jimmy, after all, he, too, was fighting for his life. Many fans, however, argue that Mia is the reason he’s fighting for his life. But when push comes to shove, our decisions must be our own – and Jimmy has proven he’s not the best at making his own decisions.

Mia doesn’t know if she’s capable of loving a man of this nature, either. She’s stuck by his side and proven she cares for him deeply, sure. But she’s also made it clear that she can’t be with a man who lets another man (one John Dutton) “own him.” This mentality – in the end – may have cost Jimmy his life.

Thankfully, we’re 100% sure that fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom will be back for Yellowstone, but it might not be in the way we expect. With the young star confirmed for spinoff 6666, what does his future with the Duttons hold? If anything at all?

Only time, and the long-awaited Yellowstone Season 4, will tell.