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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Were the Dutton Family Attacks Carried Out By Two Different Enemies?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Are there numerous people that are out for Dutton blood on Yellowstone? Absolutely, but who? We have a new theory.

Did two different enemies link up to try and take out the Duttons? Or were their conveniently timed attacks perfect for someone to take over the Yellowstone ranch finally? Who is to blame? Furthermore, the list of people who would love to see the Dutton family perish is looking more and more like Santa’s list with every episode.

But this Reddit user and Yellowstone fan takes to the social media platform to debate the idea if there were potentially more than one set of people trying to take down the powerful family.

Who Attacks John Dutton on Yellowstone?

The user begins by saying that it was the Divine Discord biker gang from mid-season three that shot John Dutton on the side of the road.

“My speculation is that (2) different parties are responsible for the attacks on the Dutton’s at ironically the same time. I’m thinking the attack on John Dutton was possibly carried out by the motorcycle group from California coming back for revenge. If I’m not mistaken, the license plate on the van driven by John’s assassins has California tags. Just because they tucked tail and left like cowards last time we saw does not mean they weren’t planning for revenge immediately after being allowed to leave the ranch.”

Kayce and Beth Dutton’s Attackers

They continue, explaining that Kayce as well as Beth were probably attacked by Willa, Roarke, and the Market Equities group. However, the person notes that Jamie was perhaps aware of the situation but didn’t do anything to stop it. An interesting new theory.

You know what they say, the enemy of my enemy is a friend. And in Yellowstone, that is a never-ending list.

“The attacks on Beth and Kayce Dutton were likely carried out by Willa and Roarke, with Jamie Dutton aware of what was going to happen. Jamie had already expressed willingness to sell the ranch when he previously assumed authority as the power of attorney over Beth. I don’t think Market Equities wants to kill John for symbolic purposes. They want him to be alive if they were to secure the land, kind of as an ‘in your face – we killed your family and took your land’ gesture. With Beth and Kayce dead, it seems Jamie has the authority over John to sell the ranch without his approval. So, John doesn’t have to die for Market Equities to obtain the land.”

What About Jimmy?

Furthermore, the Reddit user goes into more detail than we could have ever hoped. Did they solve the whole Yellowstone series and everyone whose lives were in question?

“Additionally, the buzzards Rip looks up and sees flying and states, ‘the whole d–n valley is dying today’. The buzzards are flying around a dead Jimmy. No one dies from the attacks. Jamie will be dead by the end of season 4. Come the end of season 4, you all will see just how wrong I am.”

We tip our caps to you. This is definitely a theory to keep in the back of your mind.