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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Were Kayce & Monica Way Too ‘Willy-Nilly’ With Major Decision About Tate?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

You never know what you might find when you search the World Wide Web in an attempt to satisfy your craving for the hit television series “Yellowstone.”

Immensely popular for its accurate portrayal of western culture, “Yellowstone” has fans across the globe. With the show currently on an extended break, fans are flooding the web in search of anything “Yellowstone” related. Pop into message board forum site Reddit and you will find a whole community of “Yellowstone” fans just like yourself.

The subreddit dedicated to “Yellowstone” discussion is always welcoming new fans who want to share their input on the show. There is no shortage of topics to discuss on these sites either as fans dig into the core of the show.

In a recent thread, a “Yellowstone” fan questions the parenting skills of Kayce and Monica Dutton. Though are going to win any “parent of the year” contests, Kayce and Monica love their son Tate. As the fan points out, they make a head-scratching decision regarding their son’s education.

“Kayce and Monica seem to decide to homeschool Tate on a whim when that’s normally a decision made with careful thought,” the Redditor says. “It’s also not a simple as Kayce thinks because Montana requires specific subjects and hours for education. It’s not like it can just be a “learning to run the ranch” thing. Also, who knows if Tate will want to run the ranch; maybe he’ll want to be an astronaut or a dentist.”

Yellowstone: Are Kayce and Monica Acting in Tate’s Best Interest?

The fan goes as far as to provide a link to Montana’s homeschooling laws. The Redditor says they believe Kayce and Monica made a rash decision that will not be in Tate’s best interest.

“It just seems to me to be a willy-nilly decision, when that’s actually a big deal,” the Yellowstone fan says. “Also, Monica is a teacher. Even though I wouldn’t expect her to know the homeschooling laws verbatim, shouldn’t she at least be aware that there are requirements they need to consider?”

Some very fair points made by this “Yellowstone” fan who spotted this issue rewatching previous seasons. To homeschool or not to homeschool is a very important question that every parent must ask themself.

Though Tate is likely destined to become a cowboy in the future, basic education is important to everyone. Some Redditors suggest homeschooling little Tate is just a way to give him more air time. It also provides a convenient answer to fans wondering why we never see the youngest Dutton at school.

“Don’t overthink it,” another “Yellowstone” Redditor says. It’s just a way to keep him on screen.”

It will be interesting to see what is in store for the Kayce Dutton family in the fourth season. Perhaps we will see more of Monica’s attempt at educating their young son.