‘Yellowstone’ TV: Wes Bentley Discussed the Feeling Jamie Dutton ‘Can Never Let Go’

by Jon D. B.

At the end of Yellowstone Season 2, we see Jamie get a fresh start. Attempting to fit into the bunkhouse with the ranch hands, we see him feel a true part of his family ranch perhaps for the first time. By the time Season 3 rolls around, however, Jamie has begun to go his own way.

In a mid-season interview, Jamie Dutton actor Wes Bentley detailed how he feels about his character’s transition into full “self-service,” and why he thinks his adoptive son can’t “let go” of his family, despite severe mistreatment on both sides.

“You know, I didn’t know what to expect [for Season 3],” Bentley starts off, echoing the sentiments of fans. It’s safe to say that none of us were prepared for how utterly bombastic Yellowstone‘s third season would be.

“When I started to get the scripts and see where Jamie was headed… My feeling was ‘Jamie always has a plan,” Bentley remembers. “He’s a survivor. He’s in the sort of atmosphere where you have to be.”

This in mind, Bentley feels the first few episodes of Season 3 see Jamie “trying to get a feel for the ground underneath him in this new life, and where he’s at. What’s he going to do next to get where he wants to go?”

Despite his instincts, though, Bentley knows Jamie is still “trying to help the family” as much as he can. “I think he can’t help but – I think it’s his default to say ‘What can I do for the family?’ Sometimes it’s self-serving. Sometimes it’s genuine in his desire to help the family.”

‘Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley on the Evolution of Jamie Dutton

Through the course of the third season, we do see patriarch John Dutton give Jamie more to do as a result of this “default” desire to help the family. But as fans know, and as Wes Bentley points out himself: “Jamie always has a plan.”

At the end of it all, where does Bentley himself see the loyalties of Jamie Dutton landing? With the family? Or with himself?

“I think that’s the big question for Jamie,” the Yellowstone star admits. “I think that’s kind of been him for his whole life. From his point of view, he definitely knows he is mistreated. And he definitely knows his family doesn’t value the gifts he has, the skills he brings, and the protection he brings,” Bentley continues.

“So he’s having this battle, knowing ‘these people don’t appreciate me, I need to do something for myself. I need to get up and out of here,” he says of Jamie’s thought process.

Does Bentley see his character ever moving on for good, though?

“I don’t think Jamie can ever let go of this feeling of loyalty to his family,” he says matter-o’-factly. “Even beyond how he feels he’s being treated.”

For fans who have watched the riveting Season 3 finale of Yellowstone, however, may feel rather differently. Color us Outsiders beyond eager to see where Jamie Dutton’s serpentine path leads in this summer’s Season 4.

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