‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Cole Hauser Considers Biggest ‘Challenge’ of Playing a Cowboy Like Rip Wheeler

by Thad Mitchell

Among the many “Yellowstone” stars climbing the Hollywood ranks is Cole Hauser, who plays fan-favorite Rip Wheeler on the show.

Among the most popular characters on the show, Rip Wheeler is a rough and tough cowboy of old school persuasions. He rules the bunkhouse with an iron fist and the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse crew treats him as the leader he is. On the ranch, Rip is a true cowboy in every sense of the word. He is adept at wrangling cattle, putting up fences and scaring off wayward bears that wander on the ranch. However, it is his duties away from “Yellowstone” Ranch that makes him a favorite among the show’s enormous fan base.

Extremely loyal to John Dutton and his family, Rip serves as an enforcer for the family. He is every bit as good an enforcer as he is a cowboy. Tall and husky with an appetite for combat, Rip is not someone you want to meet in a fight. Aside from throwing a fight against Kayce Dutton, Rip is undefeated in combat situations through three seasons. Check out his hand-to-hand fighting skills in this “Yellowstone” video.

In a 2019 interview, Hauser talks about the amount of work he puts in to make Rip Wheeler the character he is. Asked what the most difficult part of learning to be a cowboy is, Hauser didn’t mince words.

“Learning how to ride,” were the first words out of the actor’s mouth when he receives the question.

Hauser then explains how “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, himself an excellent horseman, made him comfortable.

“Taylor did something really special for me,” he says. “He’s obviously very talented as a horseman. He put me on every saddle and every different kind of horse you can imagine. With that, you learn really quickly how to ride and how to, essentially, find your seat. It is all about finding your seat and as soon as you do — you can pretty much get on anything.”

Spoken like a true cowboy. It’s no wonder why Rip looks so natural atop a speeding horse.

With the recent announcement that “Yellowstone” will return in the fall, fans are speculating on what the new season has in store for Rip.

The big guy has never backed away from dirty work and seemingly has no issue getting his hands dirty. He’s also demonstrated that there isn’t much he wouldn’t do to keep the Dutton family safe.

“Yellowstone” fans wonder how Rip will react to news of the attack on his adoptive family. Along with John and Kayce Dutton, Rip’s fiancée, Beth Dutton, is also subject to an attack. Rip isn’t likely to be happy that someone planted a bomb in his soon-to-be wife’s office building.

Hopefully, we will get to see Rip getting his revenge when the new season arrives.