‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Could the ‘Silence’ From Showrunners About Season 4 So Far Mean?

by Halle Ames

You mean to tell me that Yellowstone season four is due to air potentially in a month, and we still have radio silence from producers?

As of today, May 17, 2021, we are still in the dark about Yellowstone season four. Many have speculated that June 2021 is the release month, but nothing more specific. You would think that a little pre-season hype was in order after producers left us questioning our sanity.

We have narrowed down the date, and as Yellowstone experts, we predict season four will likely premiere on Father’s Day weekend. More specifically, we assume it will land on Sunday, June 20– Father’s Day. However, with so little information, it’s hard to be for sure.

Yellowstone Lives in the Balance

In addition to the mysterious release date, excited and anxious fans are still waiting to even see a trailer for Yellowstone season four. We have a theory as to why this may be.

In the Yellowstone season three finale, four main characters are potentially on death’s doorstep.

John Dutton was shot several times on the side of the road when attempting to help a woman change her tire. Although he was conscious and trying to call for help, he was severely hurt with gunshot wounds to his torso.

Beth Dutton was cleaning out her office when her assistant brought in a package and began to open it. Before Beth could forewarn her, the box containing a bomb explodes, sending ash and dust through the second-story window. Her livelihood is still up in the air.

Kayce was on a phone call with his wife Monica when a group of armed assassins storm into his office. Kayce quickly flips his massive office desk for protection. The last thing we hear is gunshots on Monica’s end of the phone and her screams on Kayce’s end.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, despite Jimmy’s potentially fatal injuries and the doctor’s orders, he climbs on the back of a horse. After only a few bucks, the rodeo star is thrown from the freight train and is sent face down into the dirt, unconscious.

Given that many of Yellowstone’s main characters are fighting away the grim reaper, any trailer could spoil who lives and dies. Producers could basically only show Rip, some of the ranch hands, and Jamie.

Reddit Weighs In

Fans on Reddit question if the lack of communication between the show and fans could be due to a delay.

“We’re in the second half of May, yet there’s been basically no official information about Season 4 at all. Did they have delays in the shooting due to COVID, delaying the show too, or something?”

“It’s not like they can really do a lot of marketing with new footage,” responds another fan. “It would give away too much.”

Throw us a bone, Yellowstone. Give us a glimpse at hope for the next season! Anything, please!