‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Does Cole Hauser Moving His Family to New State Mean for His Future on the Show?

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser and his family are on the move and that could be a positive sign for fans of the show.

On Yellowstone, Hauser plays the rough and tough cowboy Rip Wheeler to near perfection. Hauser’s character has become a fan favorite and one of the most popular actors on the Paramount Network series. It was recently reported that the Hauser family would be on the move.

The young family has left their Agoura Hills, California, dwelling and will now reside somewhere closer to Texas. The Lone Star State is where Yellowstone has done a ton of filming.

The Yellowstone star confirms the family’s relocation a in recent social media post. In the post, he thanks a realtor for making the transition a smooth one for him and his family. It may not mean anything at all, but fans also took note of Hauser’s clean-shaven face. He typically keeps a thick black beard for when he plays Rip while filming for Yellowstone.

“Thanks to my friend Roger Healy and his team, Healy Global, for taking care of my family and I,” Hauser writes in an Instagram post from last week. “Thanks for making everything roll smoothly!”

Yellowstone Fans Wonder What Move Means For Rip Wheeler

Of course, Yellowstone fans immediately began speculating on what the move meant for Hauser and Rip Wheeler. Since a lot of Yellowstone has been filmed in Texas, the move could signify that Hauser will remain with the show for the foreseeable future. He could remain a part of Yellowstone or he and Rip could find a new life on the spinoff “6666” which will feature several Yellowstone characters.

Yes, it could also mean absolutely nothing and he and his family simply moved because they wanted to. But, this is American and we can speculate as much as we want to about the future of Yellowstone.

Fans of the modern western drama are excited to see what lies ahead for big Rip and the bunkhouse boys. Much of his future will hinge on finding out who is dead and who is alive among the Dutton clan. With his fiancee and adopted family under attack, one must entertain the notion that Rip will hit the warpath this season.

You can bet most every Yellowstone fan wants to see Rip even up the score in the most Rip way he can. That would be hunting down some bad guys and busting some heads. We wouldn’t be shocked to see Rip take a few folks on a trip to the “train station” this season either.

Hang in there Yellowstone fans. A new season of our favorite show is arriving soon.