‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Does Gil Birmingham Joining New Hulu Show Mean for Thomas Rainwater?

by Thad Mitchell

One of the many rising stars in the “Yellowstone” cast, Gil Birmingham’s work on the Paramount Network show is paying off.

Birmingham, who plays headstrong Tribal Chief Thomas Rainwater on “Yellowstone,” has been cast in an upcoming Hulu series. In “Under the Banner of Heaven,” Birmingham is set to star alongside Sam Worthington and Wyatt Russell. The show’s creators recently announced 11 additions to an already impressive cast. Also joining Birmingham in the “Under the Banner of Heaven” are Rory Culkin, Denise Gough, Sandra Seacat and Billie Howle. These names are in addition to the already announced series leads Andrew Garfield and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Production on the show just recently began in Calgary. Not much is known about the “Yellowstone” star’s character in the upcoming Hulu series other than his name is Bill Taba.

Of course, “Yellowstone” fans are eager to learn how this will affect Birmingham’s role in the modern western drama. Some believe Birmingham’s new show could mean his “Yellowstone” character’s imminent demise. It would surprise no one to see the series kill off one of its main characters. But Rainwater has certainly had an interesting story arc and is one of the most complex characters on the show. It is safe to assume that most fans would like to see Birmingham continue with the show. As we have seen though, “Yellowstone” doesn’t hold back when comes to killing off a popular character.

Gil Birmingham has been with the show since the very first season and has seen his role gradually increase over time. Thomas Rainwater is the leader and chairman of the Broken Rock Tribe, a Native American association. Along with developer Dan Jenkins, Rainwater was the primary antagonist in the first season of “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder Rainwater’s Fate

Rainwater and his tribesman believe the “Yellowstone” property is rightly theirs, having once belonged to their ancestors. He once had every intention of regaining the land, even if it meant going to prison as we saw in the first season. He made for a very formidable foe to the Dutton family and their team of cowboys.

As “Yellowstone” progresses, so did the Thomas Rainwater character. He ends up joining Jenkins and ranch owner John Dutton in an uneasy alliance after discovering they have a common enemy — the Beck brothers. Joining forces, the alliance is able to do away with the Becks and rescue Tate Dutton from an armed militia.

“Yellowstone” fans are now wondering what the new season will have in store for Gil Birmingham and Thomas Rainwater. There are a number of fans that think he and his associate, Angela Blue Thunder, are behind the attacks on the Dutton family. If that is the case, then we could very well be seeing the end of Thomas Rainwater on the “Yellowstone” Ranch.

The new season of “Yellowstone” will arrive later this year in November. Will it be the last for Gil Birmingham?