‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Are the Duttons Going to Find Upon Returning to the Ranch in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

The biggest question on the minds of “Yellowstone” fans as we head into the fourth season is who attacked the Duttons in the third season finale.

It’s the question we have all been asking ourselves ever since the dramatic final seconds of season three conclude. Three members of the Dutton family were attacked by unknown assailants and each could be dead or alive heading into the fourth season. The fates of John, Kayce and Beth Dutton are simply unknown to “Yellowstone” fans. Some fans are reviewing previous seasons in an attempt to find clues about the family’s fate. Online forums, like Reddit, have become home to fans wishing to speculate, theorize and discuss what could be coming in the new season.

Another question fans have been wondering about is the status of Yellowstone Ranch after the attacks. It’s possible that viewers don’t see all of the carnage caused by attackers and there could be more casualties. The unknown assailants could have also hit the ranch and the people present at the time. That could include the likes of Monica, Tate and the bunkhouse crew. There is no evidence to suggest that did indeed happen, but there’s no evidence that it didn’t happen either.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Speculate About The Future Of The Ranch

In a recent Reddit thread, Fans layout their theories on what comes next for Yellowstone Ranch after the season three attacks. One poster says they believe the attackers also targeted the ranch itself and the carnage could be catastrophic. The poster speculates the militia from season two, the ones that kidnapped Tate, is behind the hit on the Dutton family. While that may or may not be the case, the more interesting aspect is the outcome for the ranch.

“This would explain the hit on both Beth and Kayce and I think they also did something at the ranch,” the Reddit user writes. “On the way there or back they shot one of the horses and I’m betting much worse, hence all of the vultures seen by Rip in the end and the possible explosion heard by Monica. They likely planned to kill John, and as we know, they ran into him (either going to or leaving the ranch) on the road.”

It is an interesting theory to say the least. If the Duttons survive the attack, as many speculate they do, they could be returning to a destroyed Yellowstone Ranch.

Most already suspect the Duttons and their associates will be out for revenge in season four. If the assailants did indeed attack their ranch, you would have to think that ratchets up their thirst for vengeance.

“Yellowstone” will return in June, though we don’t know an exact date yet.

Hang in there “Yellowstone” fans, answers are just around the corner.