‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Exactly Was Happening at Dutton Ranch During Season 3 Finale Attacks?

by Katie Maloney

Certainly, the season three finale of “Yellowstone” left us with some cliffhangers.

Dedicated fans already know that Kayce, Beth and John Dutton were all attacked in separate locations. A bomb went off in Beth’s office. Gunmen showed up at Kayce’s office. And John Dutton was shot several times while helping a woman and her son whose car broke down on the side of the road. So, now fans have some questions. Will the Duttons survive their attacks? Who is responsible for the attacks? Who will lead the ranch if the Duttons aren’t alive to do so? Will Rip get revenge? And did Monica hear an explosion at the Dutton ranch? These are all questions fans are hoping for answers to at the start of season four. In the meantime, “Yellowstone” fans are sharing their theories about all of those questions via a Reddit thread.

One user wrote, “While Monica was screaming Kayce’s name on the phone you hear a bomb go off and she turns around and the scene cuts. Just haven’t seen anything about this online.”

Another fan shared their thoughts about the sounds Monica heard.

“I’ve seen this debated back and forth. I’ve watched it 3 times now and still can’t decide – was Monica hearing the blasts in Kayce’s office via the phone, or did she hear an explosion behind her there at the ranch? She does begin to turn to look behind her at the sound, but there the scene cuts off almost instantly,” they wrote. “Bottom line – I still can’t decide!”

What Will Happen to Monica In Season Four of ‘Yellowstone’?

Another fan weighed in on Monica’s potential fate in season four of “Yellowstone.”

“But I’m more and more leaning that Monica has been killed in a simultaneous explosion at the main ranch house,” commented the user. “I think Tate will survive, though maybe injured? From what I’ve seen, the main theme of S4 is REVENGE. We already know Rip will go ham because of JD and Beth, but killing Monica? Kayce will be unstoppable.”

The same user talked about “Yellowstone” co0creator Taylor Sheridan’s rumored plans to write six seasons for the show.

“What’s interesting to me for S4 is (besides all this revenge) – how will JD be able to save the ranch against all the ‘official’ enemies lined up against him? Market Equities, Thomas Rainwater, the State of Montana ala Governor Lynelle,” said the user. “We know that beyond S4, already complete and ready to air, that S5 writing has already begun. And Taylor Sheridan has said he plans 6 seasons altogether. I’m fascinated to see how JD manages to hold out that long.”

We are just as interested to see how everything plays out over the next few seasons of “Yellowstone.” We can’t wait for the season four premiere this Fall!