‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Happened to One Notable Jimmy Hurdstrom Wardrobe Item From Early Season Subplot?

by Thad Mitchell

With the return of “Yellowstone” still a couple of months away, fans are getting their fix on internet message boards.

Internet forum sites, like Reddit, are the place to be for “Yellowstone” fans who want to discuss the show. Fans love to speculate and theorize on what the new season may or may not have in store. Topics range from the fate of the Dutton family to modern-day cowboy fashion tips. One thing is for sure and that is “Yellowstone” fans simply cannot get enough of the hit Paramount Network series.

Speaking of cowboy fashion, an interesting “Yellowstone” thread recently appears on Reddit. The thread creator wants to know what happened to Jimmy’s hat that the other ranch hands got for him. If you will recall from season one, the bunkhouse crew take and toss Jimmy’s old hat. After fooling with the rookie ranch hand, they reveal that they all chipped in to get him a real cowboy hat.

It is a moving scene that really dives into the brotherhood that exists on Yellowstone Ranch. It certainly makes Jimmy feel like he is officially one of the guys as he profusely thanks the other hands for the new hat.

In later seasons we don’t see much of Jimmy’s cowboy hat as he reverts back to a backward baseball cap for his head. The Reddit user wants to collect thoughts on what’s happened to the hat and if it might play out in the fourth season.

“Why did Jimmy stop wearing that hat they all bought him?” the Redditor asks. “Now he just walks around with a backward baseball cap. Low effort.”

While it probably doesn’t amount to much, it is an interesting “Yellowstone” question. In the scene above, ranch hand Ryan says that the authentic hat cost a week’s salary and they all chipped in. Ryan also notes that if Jimmy loses the hat, he will have to pay them back the full amount. Did Jimmy lose the hat? Will the bunkhouse boys try to collect payback in the upcoming season? It seems unlikely that would be the case. The much more likely scenario suggests that Jimmy simply likes wearing a baseball cap more than a cowboy hat. But — as with all things “Yellowstone” — don’t be surprised if the hat situation comes back into play somehow.

Since his introduction in season one, Jimmy has become a favorite amongst the loyal “Yellowstone” fan base. He is naive and somewhat quirky, but he’s also lovable and seems to have his heart in the right place.

“Yellowstone” fans are eager to see what is in store for Jimmy in the fourth season. First thing is first though and we’ll have to determine if he is dead or alive. We last see Jimmy falling off a bucking horse and lying face down in the dirt with his eyes closed. He could be dead or alive heading into the new season.

Fans of the show are rooting for Jimmy to pull through and be a big part of the new season.