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‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Happened to This Forgotten Beth Dutton Storyline?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Beth may be one of the smartest Duttons but not smart enough to trick Yellowstone’s eagle-eyed viewers about this forgotten plotline.

In season two, the episode titled “New Beginnings,” Beth Dutton teams up with friend and businessman Bob to start buying up land. In the process of gobbling up the acreage to get back millions from the government in a scheme that is way over our heads, Beth finds herself at the Pelican Ranch.

Beth had to explain to the current owner that his convenient stumbling upon the beautiful mountain house wasn’t an accident. When he came to house hunt from California, the man said that a pelican was sitting in the small pond when you enter the property. After explaining that it probably followed them from the Golden State, it was fate for the man to buy the house. Beth Dutton revealed to the man that this was just the work of a clever real estate agent and not a sign from the heavens.

“I’d like to buy your ranch,” states Beth.
“Oh, it’s not for sale.”
“Everything’s for sale, buddy. How much? Name your price.”
“Nine million?”
(Hands the man a freshly written check) “Now get out of my house.”

What a boss.

Reddit Comments on Beth Dutton

This scene was thought to be significant to fans, however, there hasn’t been any other word spoken about the beautiful Pelican Ranch. A fan on Reddit pointed this out, wondering if that was the last we would hear of the nine million dollar mountain mansion.

“Alright, in season 2, Beth and that investor guy she is with go to visit that ‘Pelican Ranch’ that was shown to them back at their office by that real estate guy. Why did she purchase it, and will it possibly be important in season 4 or beyond?”

A fair point to bring up.

Was this just an example of their limitless power and money? Is there a deeper meaning, and the Pelican ranch will come in handy for Beth Dutton and the family? Maybe a massive oasis from the hectic life at the Yellowstone Ranch.

Many users also took the time to comment on the post. They pointed out that Beth Dutton was trying to create a “moat” around the Yellowstone.

“She was buying properties around Yellowstone, as a sort of moat. I think there was some profiting reason behind it too, she was investing with Bob. And does come into season 3. No spoilers.”

One person said that they are sure the property will show up in the next season.

“It was to show that they were over paying for property that wasn’t for sale to expand the ‘moat’ around the ranch. And now Market Equity owns all that land now. So it is safe to assume it will be in season 4 in some aspect.”

Excited fans will just have to wait until June of 2021 to find out what will become of Beth Dutton or her beautiful property.