‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Happens If Kayce Dutton Becomes Governor in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

Set to make its triumphant return to our television sets in the near future, Yellowstone left us with a lot of questions.

The heavily popular Paramount Network series will return this summer though no one knows when yet. Fans of the show say it can’t get here soon enough as we need answers to the most burning Yellowstone questions.

Season three ends in spectacular fashion to put it mildly. Four main characters on the show could be dead or alive as we move into season four.

John Dutton, owner of the Yellowstone Ranch, was last seen taking several bullets to the chest by an unknown attacker. His daughter, Beth Dutton, did not fare much better. She is was on the receiving end of a package bomb that detonates only a few feet from her.

Ranch hand Jimmy saw his string of bad luck continue as a bucking horse throws him off its back. Poor Jimmy closes the season lying face down in the dirt and unconscious. Much like the Duttons, his fate is very much up in the air heading into season four.

Then there is Kayce Dutton. Like his father and sister, Kayce is ambushed by an unknown attacker. He is able to flip over his desk to shield himself from incoming fire but his status, like the others, is unknown.

Yellowstone Fans Suggest Power Struggle Brewing

If Kayce does survive the attack, he could have an interesting plot line brewing for season four.

Season three sees Kayce evolve as a character in more ways than just one. He assumes his father’s position with the Montana Livestock Association, though he initially declines his father’s wishes. Kayce does such a good job in the position that Montana ranchers want to see him in an even higher position — Governor of Montana.

A Reddit poster recently poses this question and suggests it could make for a shifting power dynamic.

“Any thoughts about who holds the power if Kayce becomes governor?” the Redditor asks.

Other Reddit users say that with Jamie Dutton already in a high-ranking position, the power struggle over Yellowstone Ranch could grow more intense. Currently Montana’s Attorney General, watchers are left to wonder exactly where Jamie’s loyalties lie.

Many Yellowstone fans consider him a prime suspect in the attack on the Dutton family. His last action of the third season is to tell Rip Wheeler not to contact him anymore, further fueling an already raging fire. If Kayce were to take over the governor’s role, he would have power over Jamie, something John Dutton would love to have. Could it be John pulling the strings behind the curtain in Kayce’s potential run for governor? It would be the ultimate chess move to counteract Jamie’s power grab and also drive the adoptive Dutton over the edge for good.

It is also worth noting that Montana’s current Governor is also John Dutton’s love interest. If Kayce runs against his father’s “girlfriend” for the governor seat, John may have to reconsider his loyalties. The Yellowstone Ranch proprietor certainly has an interest in seeing his family in high places. With Kayce governing the state, John’s power increases exponentially — and that is something you’d think he wants to have.

Governor Kayce would also be an assist to Beth and Rip, presuming Beth lives through the season three attack. Recently fired from her job by Market Equities CEO Willa Hayes in a takeover, having a brother as governor would give her tremendous leverage in her ongoing feud with Hayes.

Rip, Beth’s fiancée, and Dutton family enforcer would also love to see Kayce run for and win the governor’s seat. Though they will fight each other at the drop of a hat, Kayce and Rip share a strong bond akin to a brotherhood. Rip has several skeletons in his closet that perhaps could go away if he’s tight with governor Kayce. On a side note — Kayce could perform Beth and Rip’s wedding ceremony if he were governor. Wouldn’t that be a site to see?

It’s an interesting storyline to ponder, to say the least. With season four growing ever closer Yellowstone fans hope to see more of Kayce Dutton.