‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Symbol Did Mo Draw in the Dirt After Helping Monica Catch Predator?

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone fans eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite show are getting their modern western fix by discussing the drama.

Online forums like Reddit have become a haven for Yellowstone fans to converge and talk about the show. Topics range from the status of the Dutton family after season three to what the bunkhouse crew does for fun. Whether you want to discuss theories or speculate on the show’s future, there is plenty of Yellowstone discussion to be found.

Many fans of the Paramount Network series simply want to look into questions they don’t have answers for. Such a thread recently appears on Reddit as a fan asks a question regarding the season three episode “I Killed a Man Today.”

In the episode, Monica serves as bait to lure in a serial predator whose been wreaking havoc on the Native American reservation. The mission is a success as Mo Brings Plenty shoots the man from a distance, killing him instantly. He then draws a symbol near the man’s body, which is the subject of the poster’s question.

“After Mo kills the rapist/serial killer, he draws a symbol in the dirt next to the dead man,” the Reddit user says. “I’ve looked and could not find out what it signifies.”

Yellowstone Fans Discuss Meaning of Mo’s Action

Other Yellowstone fans are quick to jump into the discussion. Some point out that Mo was performing a type of ritual to trap the man’s soul.

“I believe it was to trap his soul, so he couldn’t move on into the afterlife,” another Reddit poster points out.

Other Yellowstone fans discussing the episode on TV Line say Mo was drawing a “broken circle.”

“The broken circle,” a commenter says. “To act so as to end a repeating pattern of harmful or otherwise negative behavior.”

As a henchman for reservation leader, Chief Rainwater, Mo has taken on a bigger role in the last season. Yellowstone fans would love to see his role on the show continue to grow as he is a fascinating character.

Some fans of the show are clamoring for Mo and Rip Wheeler, the show’s two most bad** enforcers, to team up soon. You would have to think that combination would be hard to stop should it come to fruition.