‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Would Happen to Former Navy Seal Kayce Dutton If His Crimes Were Exposed?

by Halle Ames

What would happen to Kayce Dutton’s military status as a former Navy SEAL if his crime on “Yellowstone” were exposed? 

Throughout “Yellowstone’s” three seasons, Kayce Dutton has partaken, if not performed, countless questionable acts. Some of which are more drastic than others, but who are we to judge? We will leave that up to you. 

Prior to the show, fans discover Kayce fled home, his family and his new bride to join the military. He excelled at the job and went on to become a Navy SEAL, the best of the best. Upon returning home, he gets caught up with family and rival drama that has him continuously breaking the law. 

Laws = Broken

Here are some examples of ‘frowned upon’ actions that Kayce has done but has not yet gotten caught for. 

In episode one of “Yellowstone’, Kayce Dutton shoots his wife, Monica Long’s brother, and kills him. At first, he tried to stay neutral on the issue due to his conflicting loyalties to the reservation and his family’s massive ranch, but after his brother, Lee, is killed, Kayce steps in. Lee’s body is cremated, so further investigation into Kayce’s involvement ceases.  

Kayce also partakes in killing Wade and Clint Marrow and dumping their bodies off the cliff at the train station. 

He releases a live bull into a packed bar and proceeds to beat the crap out of the men that fought the bunkhouse men. Boys will be boys, right? Maybe not. 

Kayce Dutton also killed a group of mercenaries, but that one was probably for the best. He killed the Beck brother. One while he was on the porcelain throne to further disgrace him. The two men in the car with the kidnapped girl are both dead, burned, and buried in a hole. Kayce mercy killed that man that was involved in the explosion at the meth house. 

He also stole 300 horses from the bank to sell and give the money to the family. 

I’m sure there are plenty more things Kayce has done that are probably not viewed as acceptable by the U.S. government. But as we said, his hands aren’t clean. 

Is Kayce Dutton a ‘Dirty SEAL’

One Reddit user and “Yellowstone” fan took to the platform to ask what would happen to Kayce Dutton if he was ever charged for these crimes. 

“My understanding is when you join the army (they mean Navy), you swear an Oath of Enlistment.

“I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Kayce breaks the Constitution left and right…

  • He planted a bomb on a plane (terrorism)
  • Kayce used an accelerant to murder those men in the trailer (premeditated murder)
  • He became Livestock Commissioner through nepotism (prohibited in federal government)
  • He’s planning on becoming The Governor in the same shady ways

So two questions:

  1. Is it like how dirty cops are involved in police corruption but still consider themselves law enforcers? Kayce’s a….dirty seal?
  2. Would Kayce be stripped of his honors/medals if all his crimes were exposed?

Before you say “relax it’s a TV show”. I’ll have you know, I’m relaxingly discussing the show on a discussion board relaxedly.” 

Seals are People, Too

One person simply stated that SEALs are people too. 

“You seriously think no SEALs in real life, whether service or civilian, ever break or bend the law?” 

And while most of Kayce Dutton’s actions are justified and morally acceptable, they aren’t legally. 

“He was a Dutton and a working member (branded) of that ranch, before the Seals. He still refuses to do anything unjust (like kill Walker), but his code of honor was shaped by his family and community, long before he entered the armed forces.”

While we aren’t attorneys or military personnel, we assume that if Kayce Dutton’s crimes were all uncovered, he would go to a regular prison. We also don’t believe he would be stripped of any honors, considering he is out of the military at this point.