‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Would’ve Happened If Young Beth Had Sought Help From John Dutton Instead of Jamie?

by Halle Ames

What would have happened if Beth had asked her father, John Dutton, for help when she was a girl instead of Jamie on “Yellowstone.”

A better question would be, what would have happened to Rip? 

Throughout “Yellowstone”, a toxic tension between Beth and her brother Jamie has strained the Dutton family dynamic. However, in season three, curious fans finally discovered the root of the unbearable hatred between the siblings. 

‘Yellowstone’ Flashback

A “Yellowstone” flashback revealed the time a young and scared Beth confided in Jamie about an unplanned pregnancy. Since Jamie is barely of legal age to drive, he is just as clueless about how to proceed with this situation. But regardless, Jamie puts on a brave face for his younger sister and helps her in the only way he knows. 

So, he loads Beth into his car and takes her to a nearby abortion clinic. Jamie walks into the clinic alone to set up the appointment while Beth sulks in the vehicle. The woman working at the clinic explains to Jamie that he shouldn’t take his young sister here. 

Why? Well, the clinic requires that in order to have an abortion performed, the patient must also undergo a hysterectomy. This seems quite extreme, considering the procedure is a radical, irreversible surgery that removes a woman’s uterus, making her unable to bear children for the rest of her life.

Jamie Dutton says that he has no other option, considering his last name and family status in Montana due to the Yellowstone. He notes that this would tarnish his family’s reputation. Therefore, this clinic is the only option. So, Jamie takes Beth inside the clinic without her knowledge of the procedures to come. This ends Beth’s chance of ever bearing a child and beginning her hatred for Jamie.

But what would have happened if she had asked someone else for help instead of Jamie? Literally anyone else. 

How Would John Dutton Have Responded?

They probably would have taken Beth Dutton to a proper abortion clinic, so she would still have the ability to have children. But what would the protective father, John Dutton, have done to the boy that got his precious baby girl pregnant? 

“He would’ve facilitated an abortion and made young Beth feel like sh*t, and Rip would be dead or banished from the ranch,” said one Reddit user. “And no amount of John trying to rewrite the history the show has already established for him as a father will convince me otherwise.” 

Yes, I think we can agree that Rip Wheeler would have been no longer on the ranch or possibly the Earth. Technically, he doesn’t exist, so it’s not like anyone would be coming to look for him. 

However, one person thinks that Beth may have been able to stand up to her overbearing father and protect young Rip on “Yellowstone.” 

“If Beth would have had the cajones to tell John, she might have been able to stand up to him enough to protect Rip. Of course, at that point in his life, Rip may have been extremely apologetic to John since John did rescue him, give him a home, and take him under his wing.”