Yellowstone TV: When Could The First Trailer for Season 4 Drop?

by Jon D. B.

The wait feels eternal, but Yellowstone Season 4 is headed our way. Just when can we expect the first trailer, though? Let’s take a look.

If it feels like a lifetime has passed since Season 3 of Yellowstone aired – you’re not alone. The amount of cliff-hangers we’re all waiting on to be resolved is mind-boggling. And there’s no doubt in our minds after S3’s finale that the Duttons are in big trouble. The life or death kind.

The potential death of John Dutton coming in S4, for starters, is still a hot topic of debate. Alongside his daughter, Beth, and son Kayce – the Duttons fell prey to lethal assassination attempts. Out of the three, though, it is John himself that we’re led to believe survives his encounter.

With so much continuing focus placed on the explosive events of that episode, fans are left pining for something – anything – to clue into how S4 will play out. Not to mention when, as well, as we’ve still yet to receive an official release date for Yellowstone Season 4.

When to Expect Yellowstone Season 4’s Trailer

All of this, of course, leaves us to wonder when we’ll be given our first glimpse into the upcoming season. Before the show’s release, we’re bound to receive a multitude of trailers. Given Paramount’s slight rebranding to focus on film-made-for-television, however, we’re banking on the release of a large, main trailer for Season 4 to kick things off Hollywood style.

As such, a Yellowstone Season 4 trailer should hit soon, right? S4 will find us in 2021, and we’re ten days into January.

For a bit of clarity, it seems prudent to look back at when the trailers for other seasons hit as opposed to the season’s premieres. And it comes down to an average of a month and a half before the premiere.

Season 3’s premiere hit June 20 of last year. The trailer, however, hit relatively soon before that in the second week of May, 2020. As a result, if Yellowstone Season 4 is to hit late-June 2021, then the trailer should hit mid-May. While we still lack confirmation on S4’s release date, Paramount should stick to a more typical syndication style for their cable drama and launch at a similar time to previous seasons.

What Could Possibly Go Into a S4 Trailer?

Spoilers, much? While we can’t wait for a Yellowstone Season 4 trailer, we can’t help but think of how limited it will have to be. The show did, after all, end on that string of aforementioned, massive cliff-hangers. How will Paramount possibly weave a narrative trailer for S4 without spoiling – well – anything and everything?

Honestly, at this point, we’re willing to be spoiled a tiny bit just to have a trailer. Until we do, Season 4 will remain the mythic beast it feels to be.

Stick with us here at for the trailer, release date, and all details on Yellowstone Season 4. as soon as they’re announced!

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