‘Yellowstone’ TV: Where Exactly Is the Train Station?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of Paramount Network hit series Yellowstone know that a trip to the “train station” is one you don’t want to take.

Through three seasons of the modern western drama series, we’ve heard the train station mentioned several times. There is no actual train station at the end of this journey and characters making that trip aren’t coming back.

On Yellowstone Ranch, taking someone to the train station is code for killing them and discarding their body off a very high ledge. We have only seen one person taken to the train station through the show’s three seasons. After picking a fight with the much smaller Jimmy, Rip Wheeler commands Lloyd to take Fred to the train station. After a long ride in the ranch truck, Fred comes to the realization that he isn’t going to an actual train station. Instead, Lloyd pulls over to the side of an embankment and begins tossing Fred’s belongs off the side.

“This ain’t no train station,” Fred says as he wonders just exactly what is going on.

“Sure it is,” Lloyd replies. “It’s a long, black train.”

Lloyd then points a gun a Fred and shoots him in the head and then nudges him off the side of the cliff. It is one of Yellowstone’s most memorable scenes and has stuck with viewers throughout the show’s run.

Lloyd Takes Fred to the ‘Train Station’

While the hot-headed Fred isn’t going to be missed, Yellowstone fans have been curious about the “train station” since it is first mentioned. It is brought up several more times during episodes, but no one faces a train station fate. Ranch hand Walker is driven to the mythical train station but is spared by Kayce Dutton, to Rip’s dismay. Though they are not killed at the train station, John Dutton orders Rip to discard the bodies of trouble makers Wade and Clint in season three. Rip suggests they be dumped in the same location as Fred was.

Yellowstone fans have become more than fascinated by the train station and its whereabouts. Some even suggest that the fictional train station is an actual place near or about where the show says it is.

We don’t know a ton about the train station’s location. It is just past the Montana-Wyoming border in a mountainous and presumably rugged terrain area. Lloyd reveals the train station is in Wyoming just across the state line. He says it is in “a county with no people, no sheriff and no 12 jurors of your peers.”

Yellowstone Fans Speculate on Train Station Location

Reddit users theorize the train station is based on a location reportedly known as the “Zone of Death,” an actual place near Yellowstone National Park.

“My understanding about the train station on the show is that it’s a 100 square mile area where no one lives or hikes,” a Reddit poster explains. “Nature will take its course well before anyone will find them.”

Another Yellowstone fan takes it a step further. The fan claims the “Zone of Death” falls under no law enforcement purview, due to its odd location.

“It’s a 100 square mile unincorporated area,” the fan says. “Meaning there is no government, no police jurisdiction, and it is rough terrain with no residents or hikers.”

The actual “Zone of Death” supposedly falls in a district that has zero residential population. This means a criminal act conducted in the region would technically have to be dismissed by a court of law. While the real-world Zone of Death may or may not exist, Yellowstone fans are hoping to get more of the train station in season four.

Season three ended and the Dutton family coming under attack. Now, Rip may need to rent a bus for all the people he could take to the train station. Count us among the Yellowstone fans who would love to see that happen.