‘Yellowstone’ TV: Which of These Actresses Should Play a New Love Interest for Kevin Costner’s John Dutton?

by Katie Maloney

We all know that Evelyn was the love of John Dutton’s life. And when she passed, it may have seemed to John that he’d never have another chance at love again. However, season three of “Yellowstone” hinted that there may still hope for John in the love department.

He and Montana Governor Lynelle Perry had a bit of a thing. The two have known each other since they were kids so the connection was easy. But it quickly became apparent that what they had was more than a friendship when sparks started to fly. The two even shared a cute (and romantic) picnic together.

However, John and Lynelle are taking it slow. After all, John is still grieving the loss of his wife and Lynelle is also a widow. The nice thing is that both of them know what it means to love hard and lose that love. So we could guess that they wouldn’t take each other for granted.

In fact, actress Wendy Moniz, who plays Lynelle on the show, says fans could be seeing more of the couple come season four of “Yellowstone.”

“I think that they really are attracted to each other, said Moniz during an interview. “I think they care about each other deeply. But I think that there’s a sadness with them because they can never quite get over those people that were their true loves.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Big Plans For John Dutton’s Love Life

Anyone who’s ever been single knows that people feel compelled to fix up single people. There’s something about a single person that just compels people to try and partner them up. Well, “Yellowstone” fans are being just as nosey when it comes to John Dutton’s love life.

Fans are now listing the actresses who could potentially play John romantic interests on a Reddit thread.

“John needs a new main squeeze…” writes one fan (this is how it always starts).

The fan then listed all the actresses they deemed “Yellowstone” worthy. “Michelle Pfieffer…Laura Linney…Diane Lane… Annette Bening…Robin Wright…Sharon Stone.”

However, another fan stuck by John and Lynelle’s love affair. The fan wrote “I adore Wendy [Moniz] and think John and the Governor have amazing chemistry together!”

So, will John Dutton and Governor Lynelle Perry grow closer during season four? Or will “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan bring another Hollywood icon onto the show to play John’s future girlfriend? We’ll just have to wait for the premiere of the new season to find out.