‘Yellowstone’ TV: Which Character’s Style Most Reflects Their Personality on the Show?

by Jennifer Shea

Not content to analyze plot twists and character development, “Yellowstone” fans are now picking apart the costume decisions on the show.

In a new thread on Reddit, fans debated which character’s style most reflects their personality on “Yellowstone.”

However, the thread eventually turned to the topic that has provoked many debates before: Team Beth (Kelly Reilly) or Team Jamie (Wes Bentley)?

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Sartorial Choices

One fashion-oriented fan launched the discussion with an in-depth breakdown of Kayce’s (Luke Grimes) vs. Rip’s (Cole Hauser) fashion sense. The fan really delved into the details of their respective wardrobes, declaring Kayce to be “more urban” and Rip to be “basic and mysterious.”

“For me I would have to put Kayce and Rip that have a unique style to themselves and of course Walker as well,” the fan posted, adding that Kayce wears more vests, jackets and slim-fitting clothes while Rip has his uniform of cruiser jacket and Levi’s with varying shirts.

Another “Yellowstone” fan chimed in to praise Jamie’s and Monica’s (Kelsey Asbille) respective styles, explaining how in each case it expressed something vital about the character.

“I actually really enjoyed seeing Jamie have one foot in the ranch and one in the office,” the fan posted. “It was such a stark contrast seeing him in jeans and a hat instead of his Eddie Munster lawyer hair. 😂 I LOVE Monica’s wardrobe and all the subtle touches of Native American details.”

Meanwhile, “Yellowstone” fans seemed to agree that Walker, like him or not, has a unique fashion sense.

“I think rainwater’s right hand man has a cool style, I love the bolos!” yet another fan added. “Not a fan of walker, but hes got a pretty unique style.”

Team Beth or Team Jamie?

A comment by one fan that Beth obviously has the best style kicked off a back-and-forth about Beth vs. Jamie. “Yellowstone” fans have fought about this before, with some blaming Beth for the bad blood between them and others taking a visceral dislike to Jamie.

In this recent Reddit thread, one fan argued that Beth is “a classic alcoholic who nurses her resentments” and takes no responsibility for what Jamie did to her when she was a teenager. Another fan shot back with the argument that Beth is “a smart, confident, beautiful badass woman.”

The Team Beth or Team Jamie debate may never be resolved. But “Yellowstone” fans will no doubt find out more about both characters when Season 4 finally premieres – whenever that may be.