‘Yellowstone’ TV: Which Characters Are Actually Capable of Orchestrating Season 3 Finale Hit on John Dutton?

by Jon D. B.

With Yellowstone Season 3 ending on such an unbelievably tense cliffhanger, fans are dying (poor choice of words?) to know who’s actually capable of orchestrating what we’ll call: The Big Hit.

Even by Western standards, the Dutton family is absolutely steeped in tragedy. Still, the Season 3 finale’s string of assassination attempts blew our minds. It took a whole lot of squabbling to get to that point, too, with the Dutton’s making enough powerful enemies to keep fans genuinely guessing… “Who the hell could’ve done this?”

Let’s take a look back at our series villains so far (with some only being villains depending on your point of view) – and see who, in fact, just may be capable of The Big Hit.

‘Yellowstone’s Black Sheep: Jamie Dutton

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: is Jamie truly capable of killing his family? We’ve seen him kill in rage, yes, but only after feeling he had no options left. And even after everything Jamie Dutton has been through with his Dutton kin, we still feel he has plenty of options before it comes to culling his kin.

Enter Garret Randall.

The biological father of Jamie, Randall, too, has a penchant for murder – one that took Jamie’s biological mother from this earth. But Yellowstone has hinted at Randall being responsible for far more malice than this.

Now, Jamie has similar seeds planted in his head thanks to said vicious biological father. With the eerie phone calls Jamie made at the end of Season 3 pointing towards him severing all ties with family – just as The Big Hit took place – was this the final puzzle piece needed to make Jamie capable of killing his adoptive family?

He has betrayed them before

For the Broken Rock Reservation: Thomas Rainwater

And then there’s Thomas Rainwater. The patriarch of Broken Rock Indian Reservation, Rainwater (played perfectly by Gil Birmingham) is keen on reclaiming the Dutton Ranch. It was and remains, after all, the home of his Native American peoples.

Rainwater has been out for the Duttons since the early throws of the first season, and for good reason. And all of the above means the man has plenty of power – and people – at his disposal. Case & point: Angela. Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) is notoriously secretive and may be willing to help betray the Duttons after revealing her true feelings in regards to her ancestors.

Yet as fans know, the end of Season 3 saw Rainwater & the Duttons share Market Equities as a common enemy. So even though Rainwater has been out for the Duttons since the early throws of the first season – would this be the wise time for him to orchestrate something like The Big Hit?

Probably not. Which leads us to one Roarke Morris.

Market Equities Surprise Player: Roarke Morris

When it comes to ME and Roarke Morris, Yellowstone fans need only remember one like: “This may need to be like the job we pulled in Yemen.”

The show is hinting at both Morris and his business partner, Willa Hayes, being far more dangerous than anyone realizes. Fans think so, too, with many saying Morris had to be the one responsible for The Big Hit.

For our money, Outsider is betting on Hayes & Morris being behind the attacks, and we’ll find out soon enough.