‘Yellowstone’ TV: Which Dutton Family Enemy Was ‘Pushed in a Corner’ Enough to Attack Them?

by Thad Mitchell

A single question continues to bounce around in the minds of “Yellowstone” fans with an answer still a few months away.

The question fans are pondering is just who put the hit out on the Dutton family in season three. What makes this a difficult question is that there is no shortage of suspects with motivation to take out the prominent ranching family. The Duttons seemingly have beef with a lot of people and factions due to the value of “Yellowstone” Ranch. It seems everyone in Montana wants to claim the property the ranch sits on as their own. But “Yellowstone” ranch has resided with the Dutton family for generations and they have no intentions of that changing. This attitude, of course, led to the third season finale which saw three members of the family come under attack.

By now, most everyone knows the events of “Yellowstone’s” third season finale but let’s review just in case. Season three ends with John, Kayce and Beth Dutton being ambushed by an unknown entity. For instance, John is shot several times in the chest while helping a stranded family change a flat tire. Kayce also comes under fire from unknown gunmen but is able to take cover behind a deck. Perhaps the worst off is Beth, who receives a mysterious package that turns out to be a bomb. The bomb detonates when her assistant opens and causes a mass explosion. Beth is only a few away from the blast that shatters all the windows inside the office complex. All three family members could be dead, alive or gravely injured when the fourth season arrives. We simply do not what their status will be for the new season.

‘Yellowstone’ Will Return This Fall

After we learn the fates of the Dutton family, the show is likely to shift its direction to finding the responsible party. But who, of the many suspects, is behind the attacks? There is no shortage of theories out there as “Yellowstone” fans search for clues.

Many are pointing the finger at Johns’s adopted son, Jamie Dutton and his biological father, Garrett Randall. Jamie is devastated to learn that he was adopted as an infant after his father killed his mother. Randall also coyly suggests that Jamie do away with his adopted father and take over “Yellowstone” ranch. He tells Jamie that the best way to bring down an empire is to kill the king.

Others have tabbed the Market Equities team of Roarke Morris and Will Hayes as the likely culprits. After turning down an offer of $500 million for “Yellowstone” ranch, John makes enemies of the investment group. Morris and Hayes have made it clear they are not afraid to play dirty.

Other fans believe the Broken Rock Tribe and their leader, Thomas Rainwater, are behind the attack. Fans cite the presence of Angela Blue Thunder and her influence on Rainwater as motivation.

“Yellowstone” fans are certainly stumped by this question but they aren’t likely to give up trying to figure it out. Answers are coming soon, however, as the new season will premiere this fall.