‘Yellowstone’ TV: Which Dutton Ranch Cowboy Does Kathryn Kelly’s ‘Vet Tech’ Character Start a Relationship With?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone Season 4 will see newcomer and Nashville alum Kathryn Kelly recurring as a “vet tech” with an established love interest. But who is said love interest? Let’s take a look.

Thursday has been exciting for Yellowstone fans, to say the least. Paramount hit with both good and bad news today. The bad being Season 4’s move from “Summer 2021” to “Fall 2021. Deadline is hearing a November release, which isn’t what we expected, but at least it’s something more concrete.

As for that good news? We’ve gotten our first glimpse at footage from Season 4 (see below) which includes a look at the fates of John Dutton and Rip Wheeler. But that’s not all! The good news far outweighs the bad, as we’ve seen a literal flood of casting announcements.

The announcements confirm several old friends & foes returning. In addition, Yellowstone Season 4 is set to film with quite a few newcomers, as well. One notable newcomer is Nashville actress Kathryn Kelly.

Revenge is worth the wait. Season 4 of Yellowstone returns to Paramount Network this fall.

Paramount Network

Could Ranch Hand Ryan Finally Find Love with ‘Vet Tech’ in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

Per Deadline, Kelly is set to join cable’s #1 drama. Within, the relatively unknown actress will step into the new role of a vet tech who “strikes up a relationship with a Dutton ranch cowboy,” the trade cites.

What’s more, Kelly’s role comes with a recurring cast member contract, too. As such, we can expect her “love interest” to stick around for the full season – if not longer.

So who, then, will her vet tech be shacking up with come Season 4? As her casting announcement describes, Kelly’s character will find a relationship with one of the Yellowstone Ranch cowboys. “Cowboy” could mean ranch hand, it could mean horsemaster. It could mean literal cowboy!

For our Outsider money, our bets are on ol’ lovable ranch hand Ryan. Fans absolutely love Ian Bohen in the role, and his cowboy has yet to get lucky a single time on Yellowstone. For such a strapping chap, this just ain’t right. Even Jimmy has himself a badass, beautiful barrel racer! Well, she (Mia) is a terrible influence, but still!

Could Ryan finally find love in the form of Kathryn Kelly’s vet tech?

If not, then perhaps Jen Landon’s Teeter will have competition for Denim Richard’s Colby.

As for Kathryn Kelly, fans will know the Yellowstone newcomer specifically from her role as Angela McPherson in Nashville. Outside of this, her only recent named work has been as Melissa Meeks in Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings (TV). She’s definitely set for a career boost via Paramount, so here’s to hoping her vet tech is one fan’s can embrace.

Regardless, we’ll see Kelly join the likes of Ian Bohen’s Ryan (ahem) this fall, perhaps over the holiday season as Yellowstone Season 4 is likely to premiere in November.