‘Yellowstone’ TV: Which of John Dutton’s 3 Children Contributes the Most to the Ranch?

by Thad Mitchell

We are all waiting for a new season of hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” to grace our television sets once more.

While we wait for the premiere of “Yellowstone” season four, fans of the immensely popular show are passing the time as best they can. Internet message board forums are littered with “Yellowstone’ fans discussing and dissecting previous seasons. Interesting discussions regarding the show often pop up in unexpected places. A recent Reddit thread discusses the contribution that Jamie Dutton makes to the Yellowstone Ranch. It got us to thinking just which one of John Dutton’s three children contributes most to the success of the ranch. Let’s take a look at the candidates.

There is no doubt that Jamie Dutton plays a big role in making the “Yellowstone” Ranch what it is. With a premier education, Jamie has a law degree and is a natural politician. Dedicated to his father, Jamie has plenty of strings to pull as he climbs Montana’s political ranks. There is often emotional conflict between John and Jamie as they don’t always see eye-to-eye on matters. Still, Jamie holds the power that comes from holding a higher-up political office. In season three, he becomes Montana’s Attorney General — a position that wields much influence. A Reddit user says Jamie has made huge sacrifices for his father that seemingly go overlooked by some.

“I feel like Jamie is the black sheep of the family when he actually probably cares the most,” a Reddit user writes. He is always working for his dad’s approval and it just seems like he can’t achieve it. He even went to law school for his dad.”

Jamie’s brother, Kayce Dutton, is on the other side of the “Yellowstone” Ranch spectrum. He contributes to the ranch by leading the bunkhouse crew by example. Kayce is a tough and gritty cowboy with no time for nonsense. In a previous season, we see him elevate to the position of ranch foreman, overtaking Rip Wheeler for the job. Kayce’s value to his father and his ranch lies in his willingness to get his hands dirty. He’s shown no fear through three seasons when it comes to protecting the family and ranch. He is also the father of John Dutton’s only grandchild, Tate Dutton.

Beth Dutton, John’s only daughter, handles the “Yellowstone” Ranch finances. Like her brothers, Beth is very loyal to her father and has shown there isn’t much she wouldn’t do for him or the ranch. As sassy as the day is long, Beth’s sharp tongue sometimes gets her into trouble. She also uses it as a weapon against John’s enemies. Beth is a hardnosed negotiator who will simply not be taken advantage of. She exudes immense confidence and pride in the family name. Like Kayce, she has no problem getting her hands dirty to assist her father and the ranch.

While all three Dutton children contribute to “Yellowstone” Ranch in their own way, the pick here is Kayce.

He might seem like a bit of an underdog for the selection, but it is Kayce who is most hands-on with the ranch. His contributions to the ranch are immense in that he protects the natural order and flow of the operations. He’s shown that he is more than capable of handling himself and the day-to-day activities of “Yellowstone” Ranch. He is also working his way up the political ladder. He became the Montana Livestock Association head man last season upon his father stepping down. He’s done such a great job in that role that some would like to see him as Montana’s governor. Wouldn’t that be a site to see?

Who among the Dutton children do you think has the biggest hand in guiding “Yellowstone” Ranch’s success?