‘Yellowstone’ TV: Whiskey Myers Music Video Highlights the Highs and Lows From Season 1

by Halle Ames

Country artist Whiskey Myers sums up the hectic highs and lows of Yellowstone’s first season in a music video highlight.

Throughout the Yellowstone series, Whiskey Myers has been the perfect artist to accompany the western drama’s score. In a music video for the band’s song “Stone,” the two-minute video features clips from significant moments from Yellowstone’s first season.

The video pans between the show and Whiskey Myers recording “Stone” in the studio.

Some of the clips that made the final cut helped shape later seasons.

First is when John Dutton realizes the burden the ranch has on his family. He also informs Rip on how to rid him of his troubles by taking them to the ‘trail station’ where they will be gone for good.

“My children aren’t ready to protect this place,” says the family patriarch, John Dutton. “These problems have to go away before I do.”

“Well, how far away do you want them to go?” asks loyal Yellowstone cowboy Rip Wheeler.

“When they go away, they never come back. Never.”

Significant ‘Yellowstone’ Moments

Both Yellowstone and Whiskey Myers fans also see clips of the dramatic scene between the reservation and the ranch over the loose cattle. An emotional image of John Dutton sitting under a tree with his dead son, Lee Dutton, also pulls at our heartstrings.

Moments of Beth and Rip, John and Tate, Kayce and Monica, and John and Jamie all flash on the screen, making us all the more nostalgic.

Whiskey Myers’s beautiful country twang continues to fill our speakers as moments of Kayce shooting the man involved in the house explosion show.

Beth is drinking a bottle of champagne while bathing in the feeding trough on his mother’s death date. Jimmy has his Yellowstone brand displayed for the bunkhouse. Kayce reads a dinosaur book to his son Tate. Tate takes on a rattlesnake. Beth and Jamie fight it out in the stables, only to be making up in the truck when Beth holds a gun to her chin.

Whiskey Myers sings the melancholy melody on. The video cuts to the Texas-based artist belting out lyrics as he rocks a black t-shirt that says “Drive-By Truckers.”

Next, tears are shed on the Yellowstone ranch. We see Jimmy grab onto his horse as he bows his head and weeps. Beth is on a horse’s back as she bends forward and begins to sob.

The music video continues, featuring cheers, fights, hospital bed realizations, and emotional moments between family members.

Boy does this video make us miss Yellowstone and has inspired us to rewatch the whole series. Be right back.